What can cause trouble peeing?

I’ll be 15 weeks pregnant tomorrow but I’m having trouble urinating in the morning. Like It doesn’t come out and I have to basically push it out. During the day I’m fine but it’s only happening first thing in the morning? Has this happened to anybody else?


I went through something like this and my bladder almost burst! I thought it was a UTI turned out it was how the baby was positioned while growing and it was pushing on and holding down to where I couldn’t get all of my pee out. I had to finally get a catheter in office to release my bladder and had to self cath for a few weeks until it stopped one day after the baby rises up enough off of that.

Totally worth a doctor’s visit!! :heartpulse:


I experienced this but not during a pregnancy. In my situation, I had to have a urethra dilation, and then I never experienced the problem again.  as suggested by someone else, you really need to talk to your OB/GYN about this. 

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What does the doctor say?

I had this problem when was in labour didn’t wee all day even tho felt like needed to had to have a catheter fitted

The pressure of the fetal on the bladder. When laying down the position change.

This happened to me and I ended up having the start of a UTI. I’m 13 weeks.

My son blocked my bladder with his foot. I didnt pee for 28hrs. They had to give me sugar water and manually move his foot

Mama of 4. I’d go to a Doctor

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Being you are only 15 weeks, it’s probably a UTI

From 18 weeks to delivery - it was so annoying :sweat_smile::upside_down_face:

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Might be where baby’s located in the morning


Possibly a UTI, go get checked out! Undiagnosed UTIs can cause serious complications


Sex/clit stimulation can cause that issue. If you don’t think that’s the cause then it’s probably a UTI

Medical concerns especially during pregnancy should always be directed towards your doctor, just saying :woman_shrugging:t4:


Call your OB. Facebook isn’t the place for medical advice


Completely normal!! Will return again in the 3rd trimester :grimacing: