What can I do about being irritated all the time?

I am so so tired of being so irritable and crabby!! I need something to help! I take an anxiety prescription but definitely not for irritability :slightly_smiling_face: Idk why I get this way, Always tired too!!! I’ve had all my blood work done as well and nothing had really ever showed as far as lacking. HELP!!!


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What can I do about being irritated all the time?mother

It might be hormonal. Also do you get enough sleep? Drink water?

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CBT, get your sleep, good diet and exercise, meditation, taking time for yourself, practicing your reactions … you may want to react out of emotion but you can train yourself not to react in a negative way. All of this takes time and practice


Talk to your doctor. I was put on Wellbutrin for anxiety and I was irritable and cranky all the time too. You may need a different medication for anxiety.


Cbd good eating habits and exercise chanced all of that for me. Balance those hormones


Anxiety can cause mood swings an irritability. So your meds may need adjusted. I’ve found a lot of the time it’s bc of sensory overload. Maybe find a hobby to do solo. Like painting in a quiet space, going for walks or runs, read a book,ect. Just something that is calm an relaxing for you an hour or so a day.


I was like this when my iron was low. One doctor said iron was fine but, my endocrinologist disagreed. He put me on generic iron pills and I noticed a big difference. Also, I wasn’t as tired all the time. You might want to look into that.


You may need time out for yourself. Have a rest also start taking multi vitamins see if that helps.


:point_up:all good advise…I found an herbal supplement called ashwaganda super helpful to take the edge off the irritability.

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Excercise really helps, I have a hard time motivating myself, but the end result is you always feel better

Vitamins… B6 but probably need a multivitamin as well

St. John’s Wort really helps

Try B12. But I would also talk to the doctor about it. It could be stress, depression, hormones… or maybe your anxiety medication isn’t doing you any favors and needs changed to a different one. Some medications have a side effect that causes irritability. Being tired all the time could be depression. It’s a funny thing how our body works when our mental health is affected.


Have a sleep study done. You may have sleep apnea.

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Maybe it’s just that the people around you are irritating. Or maybe you’re surrounded by idiots.


If they haven’t already ask them to check your thyroid levels.


Cbd will help. Anxiety causes irritation too trust me I know this first hand.


My anxiety prescription made me moody. Maybe for a bit it helped my mood then it just made everything worse. My anxiety, mood and everything has been significantly better without any medication. I also figured out how to work through my anxiety without the crutch of meds. Overall I feel amazing now. Prescriptions are not intended to be a lifelong solution, just a crutch to help you figure out how to manage it.


Iron depressions get a weed prescription card seriously watch what your eating


I found this article to be helpful but as always best to check with your primary care physician and have your blood levels checked, could just be that you might simply need a supplement to help get you feeling better again. Good luck!


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Natural GABA supplement can definitely help .

Certain types of anti anxiety meds can cause irritability. :upside_down_face:

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I’m like that too. Every time I’ve tried to not be irritable it only made me worse. I’ve come to accept that it’s just who I am as a person and it’s part of my personality. My advice is just don’t fight it.

Turn on some music. So your not thinking of other stuff.

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Seriously, not to be rude but maybe think about seeing a therapist. If they can figure out what the underlying reason for the irritability is they may be able to change your medication or help you find ways to better cope

I felt that way too and that’s not me. I got blood work done and it came back I was iron deficient. I started taking iron pills and it’s a lot better.

Works for me :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::england:


You need something to look forward to….a good book, workout away from home, lunch with friends, family gatherings, church, a hobby, etc…

Therapy, excerise and fresh air :heart:


Get off the Big Pharm drugs and find a holistic alternative


I read a thing on here that said, when your kids are grumpy just add water? Maybe that’s what you need… a bath, a swim, a spa day, pedicure? Pick your poison


Irritability is a common symptom of anxiety, sounds like your meds aren’t working for you. No anxiety med I have been on has helped mine so I choose to smoke marijuana. It helps my anxiety and my insomnia and doesn’t have side effects other than occasional munchies :rofl::rofl:


Start with blood work. If it isn’t a hormone or vitamin deficiency issue, then perhaps work with your therapist a little more. I had the symptoms you listed and several others. I thought I was in a depression. After a lot of discussion, questionnaires, and an attentive doctor, I was finally properly diagnosed with something I never expected. Proper medications have literally changed my life in the last several months. It’s worth a few visits and patience to get to the bottom of things.

Try getting outside more, look up side effects of meds, could be a sign of diabetes (I recently found this out the hard way), could just be you’re carrying too much and need a break

Work out! It’s a good stress relief good anxiety relief. Channels that energy and gives good brain hormones

I don’t know your age but it could be menopausal or peri menopause related. I use a hormone patch which really helps. Also, figure out what you have control over in your life and what you don’t. Take action there. Mindset helps too. Choose to be tolerant and often your mood will follow. I struggle with this too

Help someone else. My father said that was the best solution. I’m not perfect at it, but I need to do better too. Will you try with me?


Might be the anxiety meds. They make me so hateful.

Check into functional medicine Doctors. So much can be changed with nutrition and herbal teas and tinctures with non of the side effects of traditional medicine

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Sounds like you need your meds upped or changed. All of that can be depression related. Also try to find some hobbies to do or get out of the house more, those could help you get out of a funk on bad days.

Well, I can honestly say anxiety can cause irritability. People with anxiety disorders, as well as PTSD, suffer irritability. Fear and aggression are related, and so are depression and aggression.


Great info above but ALSO in all seriousness… more self love alone time. In several form. Quiet, emotional, physical alone time.

Seek medical help, you might need an anxiety medication. A lot of people take them it’s a real help

Get your thyroid checked, and a full panel on it too, not just tsh.

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Get a script for Clonazepam. You’ll be great after. Promise you. I used to have anger n tolerance problems as well. But now off of it n still just as calm n easy going.

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Good question, I’m in the same boat, it does effect your life, it’s even affected my jobs and career

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Could be the anxiety meds or maybe they’re just not working because I don’t know how your anxiety comes out bur mine comes out as irritability and bursts of anger

Have your thyroid checked

You may need to get a mood stabalizer.

Sounds like depression. See your doctor. Let him know if you aren’t enjoying the things you normally do, if your sleep is broken or you just don’t sleep well. Let him know if you feel unmotivated to do things around the house. If your appetite has changed. If your attention wanders. It could be you need to get some therapy in addition to your meds.

Try oculus VR… it’s a gaming system thru meta. Virtual reality is non stop fun and entertaining… plus exercise!

Omg, me too!!! I feel the same way!!! I feel like a time bomb. I was going to counseling. But my appointment was like 3 to 4 months away. I know I need help.
Im sorry you are going through this.
Like most of the comments maybe try a different medication. I hope you get better soon.

If you have any type of trauma that’s not healed that can definitely cause irritability when things are triggered in your mind. You might not even realize their related.

I got a dog or three when I feel out of control, I sit down and pet them.

Try edibles, not chemicals


Maybe you need a good night of sex.

U can buy a natural tounge calming spray from the chemist

Story of my life. Besides my son, I have trouble not snapping at everyone because I’m always SO annoyed. I find even just the last few weeks, I’m withdrawing from people too. Not answering messages and blah blah :roll_eyes:
At least for myself, I find waking up early and going for a 30 minute walk can greatly improve my mood.

Ask Dr… but, more than likely you’ll need to add in an antidepressant to go with anxiety meds. A mood stabilizer.
It will help.

Maybe a sign of depression…depression affects people differantly

If you’re able to walk or exercise it’s extremely beneficial to do one or the other.


I take Xanax helps tremendously.

Is it you, me, or adult adhd?

It’s probably from the anxiety medication tbt

I’m bipolar with extreme anxiety and ptsd and also hypothyroidism. My anxiety has been out the roof since the first of the year and I can’t seem to get it under control. And I suffer with depression more than mania but have been mixed cycling for over 10 weeks. The mania with anxiety and then depression coming out of nowhere is really really hard. Thank God I have a therapist that is really good and I see her 2 times a month and she has been the biggest help. I am taking Xanax for the anxiety and it is helping a great deal but I don’t want to become dependent on it. I’m also a recovering alcoholic with 27 years .

I take a mood stabilizer called Lamictal. Talk to your doctor

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You didn’t say your age but hormones could be the issue too. Double check to make sure your hormones and thyroid are checked. If they are okay talk to your physician and seek professional advice :woman_shrugging:t3:

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And your iron levels were checked ???

Counseling works. You are not happy with your life. Better choices better life.

I found myself being this way too. Always irritated, always getting mad about everything, hateful, and being an :peach:. I just tried to control my moods. If I found myself being any of those things, I’d stop myself from saying anything or doing anything. It’s definitely not easy for me but I make it work.

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You need to change the way you think and respond. Thought retraining.