What can I do about my 2-month-olds dandruff?

Hey mamas! My baby is almost two months old and has a head full of hair. I noticed she has dandruff, and I’m wondering what I can do about it? Anyone else has babies with dandruff? TIA


Could be cradle cap?

When you bathe your kiddo just rub gently with the brush from the hospital and it will go away after a few washes. It’s usually cradle cap and is similar to dandruff. :grin:

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Dandruff?? Sounds more like cradles cap all babies get it just wash with a camomile baby shampoo.

It’s cradle cap. Use a soft bristle brush on her head when you wash it, then massage coconut oil into her scalp.

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it’s probably cradle cap… my pediatrician told us to just use head n shoulders and it cleared it right up


Cradle cap. Baby oil helps, just don’t pick at it lol

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It might be cradle cap.

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Cradle cap. Both my boys had a ton of hair and had the same thing. It will clear on it’s own in a few months. Otherwise, just use baby shampoo and loosen the scales with a soft brush. If it’s really bad your doc can prescribe a medicated shampoo.

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If it gets really bad, chat with your doctor. My son had a special shampoo that was prescribed to us and it cleared it right up!

Put Baby oil on her head

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Mustela cradle cap shampoo! It is good stuff.

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Most likely it cradle cap , use oil or lotion to keep it moisturized and you can also take a soft baby brush and do circular motions to help with the ones ready to flake off while in or after a bath .

Get a baby fine tooth comb and baby oil rub the babys head and gently comb it and it will help remove it

Head and shoulders just be super careful

Coconut oil, put a hat on baby and let the coconut oil sit for a few hours, use a baby comb or special cradle cap brush to loosen and get it all out, than bathe baby too get the oil and loose cradle cap out.


Just a little bit of oil (not too much so it doesn’t clog) and a gentle baby brush. Works like a charm.

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Baby oil and gently scrub with a toothbrush. It takes awhile to get it all out but that’s my go to

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Put baby oil on her head let it soak in for a few minutes and gently brush with a soft bristle baby brush

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baby oil, or coconut oil. lightly rub it on and use baby’s soft bristle brush.

Cradle cap use a fine tooth comb or soft baby brush and baby oil be very careful depending on how thick it has build up it can get sore just comb out a little at a time

Put lotion on their head after each bath, especially when you wash their hair. Won’t leave a greasy look/feel like baby oil

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You have to massage the scalp. Use a baby comb and run it through her hair whil the shampoo is on it. If she has a lot of cradle cap it may take a few times to get it all. I’ve actually seen it come off looking like scabs it was so bad.


Its cradle cap. Use baby oil or coconut oil

Baking soda always worked for my babies. Work it into scalp and after two or three treatments it will go away.

Its cradle cap, and it’s a form of eczema, not actual dandruff. For my baby I used one of those baby hair brushes (super super soft bristles) and some coconut oil, while she was in her bath and gently brushed her head, it took a couple of baths but they are loose and flake off. Once they’re all gone they didnt come back for either of my babies.


I used vaseline to soften the cradle caps

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Cradle cap when they’re babies

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It’s really normal! Lots of great tips here.


T gel… 3 bucks at the dollar store… or dove demerma care for dandruff and dry scalp… it’s what I use and I love it even use it for my son… dont use baby oil… makes the hair to greasey

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Happy cappy shampoo. Available on Amazon

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…Two months old…
dandruff? Really!? :woman_facepalming:
pick up a book.


you need to moisturize use baby oil

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Just use the brush they gave you at the hospital and scrub her head at every bath.

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or vaseline aka nursery jelly

Use a baby brush when you wash her hair. If she has a lot of hair, do not put any oily substance on her head. All you will do is create an oily mop.


Coconut/baby oil… then take a soft baby brush and gently brush it off the scalp


It is called cradle cap and it is normal. Just comb it with a very fine comb and be patient. It will go away on it’s own in time.


Cradle cap, you can get special baby shampoo for it. Do some research on it, so you can figure out what will work best for baby.

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Coconut oil leave on for 20 min then wash. Do this every few days… washing hair to much can cause more problems. Should only wash hair at that age 2 times week max.

My Mexican frien… Had a baby…the most fullest headed baby… longest headed baby I’d ever seen n my life!!! She also had cradle cap… It was a struggle but I can say she stopped washing the babies hair and parted it many ways dripped baby oil on it day and night rubbing it in and at bath time she would only wet her hair and comb it it took a bit but it worked …

Cradle cap.
Brush lots. Coconut oil or baby oil after bath.

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That young sounds like cradle cap and you can use baby oil, it’ll start coming off a little more and eventually be gone just brush it gently after don’t try to force it off it will come off on its own, it’s normal mama;)

Do not wash her hair more than 2x a week!
I use to just brush their hair with oil or even baby lotion!
Its not dandruff, it’s cradle cap, perfectly normal, don’t pick at it or you could cause a sore which could get infected!


Cradle cap. Use a brush and gently massage when you give your baby a bath.

Baby oil or baby lotion . Apply brush apply .


Baby comb & baby oil.

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My daughter was the same. I put baby oil on her scalp before bath time and let it soak and then put her in the tub and lightly combed it (not enough to irritate her scalp) and washed her hair till the oil was out. I think I had to do it one more time for the next bath but after that it was gone

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My daughter had it bad. Her doc said use a shampoo and conditioner with teatree oil in it and scrub her head extra. When shes older we used tgel but its really too harsh for babies.

It may not be as simple as cradle cap. When my son was 3months old the doc thought he had cradle cap so i used the shampoo and oils they recommended but it turned out he had eczema. Which ended up all over. Good luck :slight_smile:

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When u wash babys hair .use fresh water to rinse the shampoo off instead of the same bath water

Cradle cap: Treatment, causes, and prevention. The hospital usually gives you a little Infant/Baby Silicone Soft Shampoo Brush for their Scalp that was used during their first bath. You can buy one at BabiesRUs, Target, Amazon, etc etc. Gently shampoo with a safe baby brush whenever you regularly give baths. Safety 1st brand has a Soothing Scrub Wet Brush at Target super cheap designed for babies. It’s perfectly normal! Just gently use the baby brush whenever you give needed baths. It will clear up after a few baths, but DON’T aggressively scrub at it. It will go away naturally after a little while. Our babies actually loved when we shampood their hair. :heart:

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Baby oil and a soft comb worked for my daughter when she had cradle cap. Lather her up with the oil on her scalp and slowly start combing it out

I used a specialized brush specifically for cradle cap. It seemed to help my son.

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Put oil on it and use a lice comb

It’s cradle cap. Coconut oil and cradle cap brush couple times a week will clear it right up.

Cradle cap- common for babies and I used coconut oil and a toothbrush and gently scrubbed it away.

Breast milk works like a charm :slight_smile:

Put baby oil on scalp . Enough to let sit for 2-3 days then brush out lightly with comb and bath :slight_smile:

Cradle cap…allergy
Do u nurse

Cradle cap- use baby oil

Baby shampoo called Happy Cappy very good.

Cradle cap-common- use oil and baby brush

I used the Johnson
and Johnson teal colored tube. Its a baby oil/lotion in one without leaving them oilly.

Smells amazing too

It’s called cradle cap and it’s normal. Just leave it be.


If its cradle cap you can’t just leave it be, it’ll only get thicker and more, I put baby oil in my childrens hair from the time they were born until around 6mths, never had anything

baby oil then take a soft baby brush (or the one they used in the hospital) and gently massage their head with it…its cradlecap

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Probably “cradle cap” use a soft bristle brush with baby oil to loosen up the dead skin before every bath. It’s a pain, but generally goes away by around 6 mo old, good luck!

They make shampoo you can get your babys dr to proscribe for cradle cap

There is a cradle cap bush that works great when washing their hair/head.

I used coconut oil and it worked like a charm

more tummy time, at least once a week forgo shampoo and just use conditioner

If you are breastfeeding use some of the milk on her head and comb it thru and rub in with your fingers.

Put baby oil in hair 30min prior to bath. Brush before bath, during bath, and after to loosen the scales. Repeat it every few days

I use to put a little baby oil

its called cradle cap…use baby oil and a toothbrush.

Baby oil it is not dandruff!!!

You can use olive oil and peanut oil combined ,or Vaseline. I found that with peanut oil and olive oil it softens the flakes for easy removal. Mix the two In container and run it under warm water , test on your arm first. Never microwave! It’s like a hot oil treatment. Apply to scalp and message for two minutes, wash hair, it may take a few tries to get the oil out but that’s ok if some is still on the scalp.brush hair as usual. If you aren’t comfortable with the oil Vaseline works well too!

My baby had cradle cap so bad. I would loosen it by gently combing his hair and then bath with a gentle, but firm scrub, followed by lotion. Cleared it up great for my guy

Here’s the old school answer. Every time you give baby a bath, wash baby’s hair, and then when drying off, take a couple drops baby oil, rub into hair down to scalp, and the using baby brush, brush it real good. Worked on all my babies and grandbabies, never had cradle cap or dandruff.


I used just a very tiny amount of head and shoulders on my daughter. She had a bit of cradle cap. I used a soft toothbrush to massage it around. By tiny amount I mean like less than dime sized.

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It’s called cradle cap and all you can do is give her a bath and gently rub her scalp with your fingers and when you dry her off,take a little baby oil and gently rub it in her scalp and it will clear up in no time.

My youngest had cradle cap for awhile and none of the home remedies worked. Found out he had actual fungal infection. Had to get medicated shampoo. Also try head and shoulder just have to be careful since not tear free.

Breast milk! Seriously, collect just enough to rub on and let it air dry. Seems strange, but works.

I used baby oil and a soft brush. Or coconut oil, and then shampooed it out. Usually takes a couple times to get it all, and a couple washes before their hair doesn’t look greasy. But they smell amazing!

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My daughter doc said to use salsum blue… u jus need a lil go got the all natural. Was also told not to rub of pick at it itll make it work just to brush the flakes out… we did as told and within a week it was just about gone

I always used a little Johnson & Johnson baby oil gel (it’s thicker than plain baby oil) massage it threw her hair down to the scalp after a bath

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As everyone else stated it’s cradle cap. Its caused by using tear free shampoo.

It’s probably just dry scalp and completely normal. Try baby oil , rub it in to her scalp after a bath . May take a couple Times to rid it completely

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Wash it’s head good an add baby oil an gently rub it in an comb it . It should take care of it just use oil for awhile till the hair grows on out. It is just dry skin

It’s cCradle crap not dandruff is fungus in adults
Cradle crap is a protective layer left over after birth.
It needs to be Moisturize not treated -
Most dandruff shampoo contain aspirin please don’t use on a infant - talk to you pediatrician not the Facebook- stop :stop_sign: post advice from followers
Ppl start getting medical advice from doctors

Always used baby oil to the scalp. Leave for about 10 minutes and wash

Doubt its dandruff it’s probably cradle cap and baby oil gel works wonders let it soak and use a baby comb to gently get it off

Used to call it cradle cap.

It’s called cradle cap. Use Vaseline on her scalp.

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It is called cradle cap.

It’s probably cradle cap not dandruff

Cover her head in baby oil or coconut oil massage in to her scalp and comb with a baby comb

Is it dandruff or cradle cap.