What can I do about my 3 year olds relaly bad temper?

I really need some advice. My son is three, and his temper is so high. No matter how little the situation may be. He scratches and bites and throws toys and hits people no matter how hard he does not care. He screams when someone corrects him. I have absolutely no idea what to do anymore. Everyone keeps telling me to take him to the doctor, but I have no idea what they would be able to do or how to stop the tempers from getting so bad.


Toddlers want attention, whether it’s positive or negative :woman_shrugging:t3: at that age, it sounds like a cry for help, not an excuse to run to the doctors for medicine! Spend some more one on one time with him and see how his behavior changes :slightly_smiling_face:

You could also remove all food dyes from his diet (if he has any) and limit screen time or overstimulation in the home :white_heart: we all do the best we know!


Development peds or commimg up with plan with. Kids primary doc.

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Cold glass of water thrown in his face will do the trick. Make it a big one


A light pop will do the trick. They’ll be just fine


We got spanked when we misbehaved. We turned out fine but it is against the law now.


If getting onto him doesn’t work just calmly try an talk with him an sit him in your lap an be very calm until he calms down an then explain to him that we don’t do that.


Try to address it, if he lashes out put him in time out. Keep putting him in there, persistence is key. I lowkey watch super nanny and I’ve watched that woman tackle the most misbehaved kids on the planet. She used time out, persistence, and a sticker chart for visual learning. Maybe watch some episodes, the lady really taught me some patience and that you can win in the battle of tantrums with toddlers with some easy tips. Xoxo


His little issues are huge to him and feeling feelings exspecially unpleasant ones children dont under stand what they are. Think about it when youre angry you feel that but you have years of coping skills. Work with him on recognizing feelings and coping skills. Make sure he understands these feelings he is feeling and it is ok to feel this way but not to let them come out in behavior. He has only been in this world for 3 years he hasnt had a lot of experience and acts on what he has learned. Be consistent pay more attention to positive and remember for his brain development and life experiences these little problems are huge to him


Little ones have big feelings but are still learning communication skills. I agree with calling your pediatrician.

Pick his ass up and put it in bed.

Wait a minute… you won’t take you kid to the doctor because you don’t know what the doctor will do??? I’m reading this right??? That’s one of oddest things I’ve ever heard. Of course you don’t know what the doctor will do since you aren’t a doctor. Help your kid out. Do the right thing. Exhaust every Avenue of potential help.


Mother of four here, Daycare provider in the past and Montessori. Time outs for three minutes. Explain why. If he throws a toy. Take it away. As a mother. Biting is OUT. When my child bit me, I bit back. Just hard enough for them to see, it hurts and said NO BITING. THAT HURTS. Which may seem wrong to say don’t bite (as you are biting) but it works. If he is having trouble with communicating with words, try teaching him some sign language. I would also recommend a check up with his Ped. to make sure he doesn’t have an ear infection or any Autism Spectrum issues. All littles are adjusting to their big world. You’ve got this momma. xo


My 4yo is the exact same way. What I do is straight up ignore him when he acts out like that. He usually stops in a matter of minutes. After he has calmed down, I sit on the floor and tell him to come talk to me, where I calmly tell him why it is not okay to be acting like that. At first it didn’t work at all but I continued doing it repeatedly, every single time he threw a tantrum (which was easily 20 times a day). After about 2 or 3 weeks, he finally started listening to me and after awhile, he even started apologizing to me for acting that way. Try it out and see if it works for your little one.


I would have him looked over by a doctor and dentist to make sure there isn’t something hurting him that you’re not aware of. My son was doing this and it turned out he had type one diabetes. Also, make an appt to have him evaluated by a psychologist for anything behavioral like autism, ADHD, etc. On the other hand this is exactly what I expect from a 3yo in these times. Maybe limit his screen time and get more outdoor time in. That screen time really does something to their little brains too.


Could be on the spectrum! You need to get him checked out by a doctor!

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Send him to his room and tell him mommy won’t deal with you like that.

To hell with what the officials say smack the ass

I cut red 40 from diet and saw a tremendous results.

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