What can I do about my back pain?

I’ve had back issues for many years including bulging disc in my spine and sciatic nerve damage on my right side. I have numbness from my knee up. It started when I got pregnant with my first, but was never bad. With my second after the epidural guy stabbed me 5 times it became worse. I didn’t regain feeling in my right leg for several hour after giving birth. My husband had to practically carry my to the bathroom. Due to these issues I didn’t want to have anymore children. I used to work out, but after becoming a mom I just don’t have time. Well surprise I’m pregnant again… This was a big surprise as I was bleed for 2 months before hand. I am now roughly 24 weeks and they are having trouble finding out my date. My leg has been acting up. To the point where it goes down my leg to my ankle and up to my butt. I’ve tried a brace that my doctor recommended, but it did help much. The pain is getting so bad to the point it’s hard to stand/walk at times. Has anyone had this happen or something similar? What did you do to help the pain? TIA