What can I do about my BO since giving birth?

Ever since giving birth to my last baby 9 weeks ago I’ve been struggling with horrible BO. I’ve never had this issue before and could even get away with not wearing deodorant some days. Now I feel like im reapplying every few hours. I’m not even sweaty, my pits just start to stink and I’m so self conscious about it. Has this happened to anyone?! Have you found anything to help??


Swear by lume deodorant. Cheaper to buy off their site. But I started off with one stick (Lume) from Walmart $15. Just ordered 3 more for 33 bucks from their site.

I used to apply after I showered and by lunch. I had to wash and reapply with my old deodorant. It was annoying to say the least.

It’s so the baby can find you/milk… drink plenty fluids

Lume. You can also use Gold Bond, orange bottle or the baby powder. I swear by the baby powder as a combat veteran :joy:
But also, see your Dr. It’s hormones. It will usually adjust in a few months but sometimes there xoukd be another reason. :purple_heart: