What can I do about my loud neighbors?

What do you do when your neighbors are so loud that you hear them over your “drowning out”’ options? On a daily basis these grown adults are outside yelling and carrying on. I work nights and they keep starting their get togethers earlier and earlier. I have tried earplugs, headphones, music, white noise, fans. I have taken the advice from multiple websites to try and drown them out.I get that its not their problem if I work nights. I just cant get quiet over their noise. It is disrupting me on a daily basis. I dont even know what to say if I go over there “hey, I know you have a right to have fun but I sleep for working overnights and your volume of play is far too high. i cant drown it out.”

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Unfortunately Quiet Enjoyment rules and ordinances are usually after 9pm. If you go over there, you don’t really have a leg to stand on. I’d work on sound proofing your home and bedroom better.


See if you can talk to them, but then if you start to complain to the landlord or non emergency police they’ll know it came from you. If you wanna avoid confrontation I’d start complaining to the landlord/complex and if that doesn’t help, call the non emergency. Noise laws are usually 9pm and on but if it’s that bad, it should still be addressed. No one wants to hear screaming and ruckus all day

There’s nothing you can do except sound proofing your house and bedroom because noise ordinances usually don’t start until 10 pm in most places. You can have complain all you want but in the end that’s all you can do but if you’re renting your landlord won’t do anything and cops definitely won’t do anything if it’s not past noise ordinance times.

Actually police can ask them to quiet down,if it’s a daily thing and it’s disrupting neighbors daily… I know this because deputies are always going on the calls here

I put my speaker outside and play baby shark at the loudest possible volume. If I can’t sleep then you can listen to my party mix. :joy: