What can I do about nicotine withdrawls?

I’m pregnant and really having a hard time with nicotine withdrawals. I’m so emotional and feel like I’m losing my mind. Does anyone have advice for getting through this?


I quit cold turkey when i found out i was pregnant! Its in your mind. You have to be strong and remember there is a lil human growing in you now. Good luck :four_leaf_clover:

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Just keep going , its worth it in the end

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Not pregnant but sunflower seeds helped me, dill pickle is my favorite lol

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I kept an unopened pack of my brand when I quit with my first. I wasn’t going to smoke but having them there made me feel better. I threw it away eventually.

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You just ride it out. After about 5 days you’ll be over it.

Talk to your Dr. My daughter’s friend had to be weaned off so as to not hurt her baby. She smoked like a train. 1 or 2 pks a day.
But , a Dr can help you. It’s a drug and needs to be treated as such. God bless.

Find something to keep your mouth and hands busy like seeds or gum


Chew cinnamon gum or altoids.

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You really should cut back slowly while pregnant. Your baby is going through withdrawal too


Please get help from the doctor. Why didn’t this get discussed with you? Every doctor ask if you smoke. This convo should have come out that you quit. Don’t ever go back. Quit for good.

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One day at a time. Find things to keep you busy and before you know it you won’t even be thinking about it.

you got this :muscle:t2: i went cold turkey with each of my pregnancies. sucked for about a week. still had cravings but i never gave in once i saw those two lines.

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YOU CAN DO THIS!!!. It’s hard but can be done. I chewed on toothpicks.

I sucked on tootsie roll pops most my pregnancy to get over it. It really helped me

Suck on lollies I gave up 17 months ago,first 3 days are the hardest make it to the first week and your there just need to be strong minded after a month you have got it

At least she is trying to quit. Some women don’t care and smoke the whole time.

Chew on gum all day every day lol worked for me

I smoked my whole pregnancy. But before I was pregnant I was doing like 1-2 packs a day. By then end of it I was only have 1 a day in increments. I know I’m horrible and weak. But my baby is/was perfectly healthy.

Consult a physician about this whislt pregnant.