What can I do about the dizziness in early pregnancy?

Please help. I’m around 5-6 weeks with my first pregnancy. I’m so miserable. My head is constantly pounding and I feel dizzy. For the past 2 days I haven’t been able to keep food or water down. I knew morning sickness would be a thing, but is it supposed to be nonstop? The only relieved I’m able to get is when I’m sleeping. The wrist bands don’t work and meds I’ve taken so far haven’t helped. Driving seems to make it worse and I have a 20 hour car ride home. Any tips would be great!


I feel this way pregnant because I get severely anemic! I would up your iron intake asap. Low iron can really give you some rough symptoms

As awful as water sounds, forcing yourself to drink can help. Also very small snacks. Anything that sounds good. I was constantly eating my fave cereal, crackers, watermelon. Just little bits helped curb my morning sickness. I never did that my first pregnancy but the second pregnancy it worked great.

I had to resort to zofran and hydration IVs :disappointed: I hope it passes

Liquid Iv in water, candy canes, ginger candies. Check your blood pressure and pulse if it’s pounding in your head it could be high blood pressure.

Pregnant here. My best friend recommended I suck on a lemon when I’m nauseous. She says it’s the only thing that helped her. Thankfully my morning sickness hasn’t been unbearable, so I haven’t tried it. But I hope you feel better ASAP.

Preggie pops candy. I always had to have something to snack on so I wouldn’t get sick.

Yes I felt like that the first 5 months. It was horrible

My granddaughter was so sick her whole pregnancy and had to have iv’s weekly. To sick to walk. It was first baby. Doctor said it would be like that next pregnancy.

Check with your doctor and get your blood sugar checked

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You should probably consult your doctor and get some meds to help you out. I also suggest going and getting iv fluids by a dr bc you are most likely dehydrated which is causing you to be dizzy.


Drink Schweppes ginger ale!!

Normally pregnancy can cause low iron please get blood work done ASAP

Maybe your iron is low…may want to get your iron levels checked.

My first I didn’t keep even an ice chip down for six months . Nothing . Second baby same . Was on home
Health care with iv fluids and phenergan in the iv around the clock . Third baby was better . Lost 20
Pounds each of my first two pregnancies . This is unusual . So , hoping yours stops about 3 months along . The baby will take from your body and Be ok - it’s you that suffers . So make sure you contact your dr . I was in bed unable to lift my head up for the first six months . Needless to say , I had huge babies and all were so healthy ! Thank you Jesus !

Sour lemon candy, ginger ale, the headaches and dizziness could be dehydration. You may need to go get fluids.

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I was like this from about 6/8 weeks pregnant, Every Day and was puking 5 to 7 times a day, untill Two days before the kid was born . I delivered at 42 weeks and 4 days and only gained 19 lbs, but the baby was a healthy
6 lbs 13 oz and 21 inches. If I wasn’t asleep I was eating or puking.
Second pregnancy, Same thing :tired_face: , but I miscarried at 19 weeks and made sure to never get pregnant again, I just Couldn’t do 42 weeks of all that
And i really pray you don’t have to continue to endure this

Go to the er have them run labs get fluids or like banana bag


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Unisom, Zofran, famotodine!

HG is awful. Get to a Dr ASAP.

Once you’ve been to the Dr, these tips may help. Don’t chug whatever you are drinking, take small sips every few minutes. Staying hydrated is important.

It’s going to sound weird, but Sour patch kids! Suck on them and the saliva produced will help neutralize your stomach acid and help with the queasy feeling so you can get some water and Crackers into your stomach.

I was like this in the first trimester with both my pregnancies. By the 2nd trimester the dizziness disappeared. Ask your doctor just to be more sure. It could be a number of things. Feel better soon!

You are probably dehydrated and need to be seen to get IV hydration. Saltine crackers might help you keep things down.

Good luck and drive safely

I’d definitely talk to your Dr. Or midwife!

I had it for 3 straight months.

preggy pops are the best. With my first I was the same way. Couldn’t keep anything down and was sick all day long. I found the preggy pops and it changed my life. You can get them pretty much any store that sells baby stuff or amazon may even have them. If you can’t keep anything down try Pedialyte to keep you hydrated.

As for the dizziness I don’t know, but with my oldest son I was constantly sick up until like 5 months. It was horrible

I’m on my 3rd pregnancy and I found that suckers helped and a cold wash cloth on the forehead

Get to a doctor you are dehydrated. If you can’t even keep water down you need an IV. Getting hydrated will help, and for a natural stomach relief try ginger tea.

Try cheetos! The ob told me about this. It sounds crazy but cheetos always calmed it for me. Also keep a check on your blood pressure. Ask your doctor if it’s safe for you to take motion sickness medicine for the ride. God bless and good luck