What can I do for a gassy baby?

What can I do for a very gassy 1 month old? you can just hear her stomach gurgling so loud and she seems so uncomfy all the time


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What can I do for a gassy baby?

Burp your baby twice during the feedings.

Feed the baby upright.

Lay your baby tummy-down across your knees, or hold her under her belly with your forearm, and gently massage her back

Do the bicycle technique which is cycling her legs like she’s riding a bike or carefully and gently push her legs up to her tummy for 10-15 seconds.

Make sure she’s getting her tummy time in also cause the pressure from her laying on her tummy will also help with pushing gas out

You can also try gas drops

Give her a gentle body massage with calming lotion.

If you’re breastfeeding check your diet and see if something in your diet could be causing it.


Besides gas drops…I’d try rubbing her tummy, but if it’s so bad I’d consult with her pediatrician for sure! Hope you’re lil sweetheart feels better soon!

Gas drops, bicycle kicks, belly rubs. Hope you’re little one feels better! Talk to your pediatrician if it doesn’t get better soon :heart:


Fennel tea. Fennel seeds, boiling water, slight amount of sugar… make just like tea. Let cool to just warm… put in bottles My baby loved it… Nurse relative told me this.

Might be gluten intolerance, some soy products can cause gas. My son was one of those babies. Turns out he has Celiac disease, he’s now 46 yrs and a special diet.

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Put peppermint candy in their baby bottle with only a few ounces of water. Let the peppermint dissolve. The peppermint helps babies with colic & gas so they’re not so fussy & miserable.

If your baby is formula fed she may need a gentle or sensitive formula. I tried it all the tricks with my son and nothing helped until I changed his formula. :blue_heart: I will say though that those windi straws from freida baby DID help him pass some gas when he couldn’t on his own before the formula change.

My son had a milk allergy. It wasn’t diagnosed until he was 14 months. The colic was awful. Hold your baby tight to your chest with their legs curled under their belly. Stand or sit upright and press firmly on their back while patting firmly from their bottom up. The pressure is all that helped to soothe my son. I had to sleep with him on my chest upright with the pressure or he screamed

My Dr told me probiotic drops, in the same boat with my own month old.

Gripe water in the baby section. Or gas drops work too!

Gas drops and bicycle kicks are the top 2 I suggest.

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Bicycle legs and slightly push leg into tummy to help pass Gas and build muscle

Gas drops works wonders. We still use it for our 3 year old son once in a while if he’s gassy and can’t poop.

My Daughter was like that. She could not tolerate the formula.

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Upright feedings, burping more often, “exercise” her legs by pushing them up to her tummy to work some of the gas out, and use gripe water or gas drops.

Mylicon gas drops work wonders for us. We also have a gripe belt we use on really rough nights (it’s basically a small heating pad for babies).
We also had to change her formula from Similac to enfamil Gentlease, which made a huge difference. If you’re breastfeeding, you might need to change something in your diet.

My youngest went through that and so did my nephew… turned out both of them were allergic to dairy

Sit her up straight while feeding her and burp after every ounce is what they told me, but we had to switch to nitramigen formula.

Bicycle legs, gas drops with gripe water workes wonders for my daughter. We did Bicycle legs for a couple minutes after she ate

maybe switch to a gentle formula

Take your baby to the Doctor

Colic Calm was great for us.

Low iron formula if she is drinking formula

When I lay my babies on their right sides, the gas escapes almost immediately. It’s whatever the baby is eating that is causing the gassiness.

She may have a intolerance to dairy. That’s how my baby was. I could here his stomach rumbling each time he ate. He also broke out in rash and had mucous in his poop though.

I use to put a warm towel in plastic on my lap and gently role my sons belly back and forth .it worked great.

Move the legs on bicycle motion, burp often, gripe water

Gripe water made ours worse. Simithicone drops were wonders