What can I do for a gassy baby?

Help mommy s my 2 week old baby girl has bad gas colic pain any good suggestions I’m giving her a bit off Gripe water approved by the pharmacist…


My daughter loves the little remidies gas drops

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Doing bicycles with my daughters legs always helped! It gets things moving a little


look into a product called “the Windi” as well Mylicon

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Try a probiotic! My daughter had colic terribly, and her doctor recommended trying them and changed drastically! Helps regulate their bellies. Swear by them!


We did gas drops with my son they helped alot

Gas drops and bike legs help a much also warm baths to help the body relax

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Bike legs, and chiropractic!

The Windi! By the same company that sells NoseFridas.

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Find a good pedi chiropractor. This is usually a VERY easy fix for them! :hugs:

My baby was the same until I boiled some chamomile let it cool down and diluted it a bit with water he felt better within minutes… hope it helps

I’m not sure if she’s on bottles or not but when my son had colic, changing bottles cured it!

Dr brown anti colic bottles were a life saver for us!

Gripe water works wonders for my baby. I also pause to burp him pretty often when feeding. Make sure she has a good latch if breast feeding or consider switching bottles if on formula. Try tummy massages, bouncing, bicycle legs

If shes on bottles you can add a couple drops of mylicon to the bottle before you shake it! Takes foam and bubbles out. Frequent burping throughout feeding. One of my boys could only get comfy laying across my lap on his belly. With his legs dangling

Chamomile tea
Star anis tea

Philips Avent anti colic bottles = life savor

Happy tummi works great. Look them up on amazon. Also gas drops at least 20 min before bubba

Was always told to let a peppermint dissolve a lil in some water

lots of gas drops, gripe water, holding them upright, & rub the back in circular motions with a bit of pressure while holding them over your shoulder.

Swaddle and Prop her on her side when she’s laying down, a rolled up blanket or towel will work, then switch sides every time you lay her down.

we used mylicon drops

Add a few drops of Peppermint oil to the water in your vaporizer and let the baby lay in their crib while it’s running, the sound of it is white noise and the peppermint oil is relaxing for them to smell!

To help, push in her feet into stomach and also bicycle her legs. Then massage her stomach clockwise to help her poo and release gas. Gripewater seemed to helped my firstborn

There are gas drops in a blue bottle in the medication section (not baby section) of target I cannot remember the name but it’s for gas and sensitive stomach. Worked wonders for my son as gripe water did nothing. Add 2-3 drops to bottle morning and night and then you can back off the frequency as you see a change.

Mylicon was a lifesaver the first 3 weeks!

Oval drops in every bottle