What can I do for a newborn with a cold?

my two week old has a stuffy nose and looks miserable…what can I do for her?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What can I do for a newborn with a cold?

She most likely doesn’t have a cold she will be stuffy because she’s used to breathing in water and now she’s breathing air that’s what her Dr told me!

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My doctor gave me saline drops it helps flush out the snotty

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I have a really good snot sucker, i think i got it at a pharmacy store. My baby is 9 weeks and gets stuffed up during the night its definitely helped so much.

Humidifier, a hydra sense baby kit to suck out boogers and love :heart: but take baby in just in case. My girl got sick at 2 wks as well but she was okay.

Keep her comfortable and let her work through it. Breast feed if possible so your body can give her antibodies to fight it. You can put her mattress on a slight incline to help if she has drainage.

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Eucalyptus oil on the sheets/pillows/clothing on the shoulde part. That helped my son.

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Contact the pediatrician

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Humidifier in the room and leave door open to circulate air


Not much you can do except saline and maybe buy one of those snot suckers. Anything like Vicks or eucalyptus can cause breathing issues. I have read put Vicks on feet with socks so maybe try a little but be careful as skin is delicate

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Use saline and nose suction bulb works the best :ok_hand:t2:

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Just watch out for RSV. Our little one got sick with that being one week old. Basically just a cold but babies under one year can get seriously ill from it. Once she started weezing we ended up in the NICU for a couple of weeks. Unfortunately not a lot can do just observe and suction any buildup in there. It’s rough but you got this! Lots of love and support headed your way.

My granddaughters 3wks old just went through this like last week so at 2wks old and the doctor said to use a nasal bulb aspirator to keep her nose clear and to turn the shower on hot and steam up the bathroom then sit with her in there to loosen things up. However often needed. And to bring her back if anything changes or she got a fever. My daughter spent 3days doing the steam thing etc couple times a day and she’s been good ever since.

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I would get a dr checkup. Or contact midwife.
Unsure where abouts u are but some places have midwives come out an check bubs an weight etc

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Have you talked to pediatrician yet?

Call your pediatrician, and bring them into a steamy shower with you

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If she’s that little she needs to see her pediatrician

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I would take the baby to a Doctor. Her being that young can develop into RSV real quick which can be really bad. Also newborn dehydrate quick so you best seek medical help asap. Don’t just listen to Facebook Doctors. Children can get deathly Ill in just no time

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I always used vaporizers… She may be too young to use the mentholatom I used to put that on their feet back and chest and keep her nice and warm so she sweats it out… maybe be uncomfortable always worked for me

A new baby’s airway is mainly through the nose so be sure to try ur best to suction out all the boogies. And maybe the back of the throat if she has phlegm.

Cool mist humidifier. Baby nasal spray, nose frida.

Call your doctor and follow orders

Hylands cold tablets omg go get them now.

Oh wait two weeks old.? Scratch that

Vicks, wet towel next to her when sleeping and steam ( clean tub, run HOt shower, sit, and just breathe )
Prayers she gets well soon :heartbeat:

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We had a snot sucker tool that worked really well, baby Vicks on the bottom of their feet with cotton socks on

I was told by someone too , to chop onions and put under their swing or whatever they are in and it draws toxins from the air :woman_shrugging:

Please make an appointment with the pediatrician.

Also purchase a cool mist humidifier, baby saline solution and a nose frida and follow the doctors rules explicitly.

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Take her to the doctor but I would also try a steam shower. You know turning on the water really hot and just sitting in the room with her. Helped with mine

Take her to the doctor, she is very young!

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Two week old that is sick? This needs a doctor.

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Seriously? Please call the pediatrician for advice on your newborn…not this group.


Take her to the dr immediately!

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Humidifier, steamed rr , a drop of normal saline in each nostril , suction, and elevated sleeping ,


Before you do anything, I’d try skin to skin and nursing (if you do that). I swear I felt my child’s sickness leaving them and entering me during skin to skin. And if you are nursing, your milk will change for baby’s needs. Also, go see a Dr baby is really new.


For a 2 week old, there’s not much to do.
Humidifier in the room. Warm baths. Keep them more upright as opposed to laying on their back. Fresh air.
Talk to the doctor.

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Both my kids did this and sneezed a whole lot! I mean constantly. Its because the air. They are trying to get use to it. See a doc if u feel it’s something else.

Steam. I went thru that with mine. So scary. Be Careful and def go to the Dr.

My son also was sick at 2 weeks with a cold. He was so congested it was heartbreaking. It’s always a good idea to get checked for peace of mind, but if it is a come unfortunately there isn’t much you can do. I would steam up my bathroom several times a day and sit in there with him as well as the dehumidifier next to his bassinet. Lots of cuddles and make sure he is setting his diaper lots still