What can I do for a UTI?

Besides cranberry what can I do for this uti!!! It’s 4 am here and im dying.


Cranberry juice Azo tablets lots and lots of water nothing with acid in it… doctor can give u pill to coat your bladder

Mix 1 teaspoon of bi-carb soda in a cup of water & drink!

This works for yeast infections, but might also help with a UTI. You have to get cranberry pills or pure cranberry juice (very bitter). The cranberry juice “cocktail” is so full of sugar that it’ll make the situation worse.

Messy but effective: empty a douche bottle, fill with plain yogurt or acidophilus (open the capsules & pour out the contents) and water. Use the douche. Cool yoghurt feels good to quell the burning and itching. Wear a panty liner afterwards to catch any leftover yoghurt.

Take acidophilus pills every day to stave off future infections. Cut back n wheat products and eat more vegetables.

Meds work well for UTIs so once you get a prescription you should feel better soon. Be sure to take the whole course of pills, even after you feel better.

What I’ve done in the past was take damp washcloths and freeze them for a little while and then place them on top of a pad in your underwear, it’s cold and uncomfy at first but it provides alot of relief. Warm showers (no baths!) and hot water bottles help me a ton too, and azo pills are the absolute best over the counter treatment for this. Lots of people say cranberry juice but it depends on the brand, some have alot of sugar and sugar will not help the inflammation so drink lots of water. I hope you feel better!

Get a prescription from your Doctor to stop the urge to pee and another for the infection…

As much water as possible, take a LUKEWARM bath with about 1/3 cup apple cider vinegar in it. Sit in it as long as possible. Repeat as necessary. Hope you feel better soon!

Azo pills, lots of water, and cranberry juice. But you still need to go to the doctor even if you’re feeling better. I had a UTI and didn’t know it and it turned into a kidney infection, which caused me to become septic and almost die. Not a good time. You still need antibiotics.

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Lots of water and pure cranberry juice. You can take over the counter meds for the pain, and a heating pad/hot bottle might help a little too. Likely going to need some meds/antibiotics from the doctor if it’s that bad though!