What can I do for all day morning sickness?

I need some relief you guys, I’m 2 months along and I’m nauseous ALL DAY every day, I’ve only thrown up 3 times since being pregnant but I’m nauseous ALL THE TIME, it’s affecting my mood and my work


Sour candy was the only thing that worked for me

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see your doctor . that is the best

Sour candy , jolly ranchers or lemon juice in water were my only relief. Also try to force some saltines to coat your stomac first thing in the morning

Ginger cookies, orange water ice cream… It helped me alot…

What does the doctor say?

ask your doctor that’s what they are for

You have to go to your doctor’s and tell them to prescribe you nausea medicine, I had nausea from my last child, threw out the whole pregnancy, and I was on medication for it

Lemon. Licking and sucking lemon can help.

That was me with my 2nd pregnancy until I was 15 weeks. I ate alot of ginger

My daughter threw up every morning at 6:30 AM her whole first trimester. Once she got passed that point it was over finally. No more sickness.:slightly_smiling_face:

There’s a pressure point wrist band for motion sickness, seasickness, etc I used when I was pregnant. It didn’t completely get rid of my symptoms but it definitely helped.

I had the same problem with baby number two. The only time I wasn’t feeling like I need to puke was when I exercise. Yogi early morning, walk for and hour. The moment I stop working out, vomiting, sick again.

Magnesium will help morning sickness.