What can I do for all day sickness while pregnant?

I am roughly 9 weeks and I’m so sick all day long. I have yet to puke, but I’ve been trying to hold it down as best as I can. I can’t eat certain foods due to the smell. Juice makes me feel sick. Even water sometimes! It sucks! When I was pregnant with my girls it was never this bad. I could eat food and be fine. I did have some morning sickness with my second, but nothing to this severe. Even after I eat I still feel sick. I can’t eat anything sour. I just wanted to see how others felt and what you end up having as a result?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What can I do for all day sickness while pregnant?

Avocado! Balsamic vinegar!
“That’s what I did”

No no. My mum rates it

Try wintergreen life savers, peppermint, or ginger candies. I use to crave peppermint candy canes.


Uh nothing? I felt like that for the first 2 trimesters with all 3 of my kids and nothing I tried helped.


Ask your doctor about benadryl, it’s safe and some doctors recommend it for morning sickness and nausea.

Nothing helped so I went to the Dr and was prescribed maxolon

Pickle juice little sips. I was so sick with my 3 rd boy who is now 4. I could hardly keep water down. Try it

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Eat a green apple and add ginger to your water.

Suck on candy! I wish I knew that trick at the beginning of my pregnancy with my first child. I was so sick i was in and out of the hospital for the first 8 months of my pregnancy then I discovered sucking on jolly ranchers helped.

Ice chips/cherry Pepsi/Cola syrup

Peppermint oil helped my nausea a lot. I would just carry it around and sniff it when I was feeling queasy. Eventually though I had to take prescribed anti nausea meds. Everyone is so different though, so I truly hope you find what works for you, because this is the worst part. Good luck mama! 

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I had morning sickness my whole pregnancy
The first two months was the worst
Slowly after I was able to keep food down but it depended on what I ate
Had trouble with greasy foods eggs and rice
Everything else was okay

Ate lots of chips

Try the anti nausea wrist bands maybe… sucking on some frozen Gatorade. I just freeze them in ice trays. Preggie pops if you can get those. Gravol lozenges. Sip flat ginger ale. Crackers. Warm lemon water with honey. Lots of dry foods. Like dry cereal. Small sips of water. Ask your dr to prescribe some diclectin. I feel ya girl. I had really bad morning sickness with all my babies. Currently pregnant with my 3rd one and this one was the worst of em all. I had to go to the hospital to get hydration therapy twice. I am passed it now thank God. Wishing you all the best in your pregnancy journey and hope these little remedies help. Congrats BTW :blush:

Ask ur Dr for diclegis.

Ginger flavor candies ,ginger ale soda, ginger root thin slices suck on them to relieve nausea feelings.

You can ask your doctor for maxalon and zofran, which should help quite a bit.

Stay hydrated. Getting dehydrated can cause cramping / contractions. Eat saltines. Sip on ginger ale, sprite, 7 up, water. Eat popsicles. Eat small portions of food several times a day. Don’t get up too fast. Lay in bed for at least 15 minutes before getting up. Ask your doctor about something to help with morning sickness.

Sometimes you just gotta get to the second trimester and it’ll Peter off. Weeks 9 - 15 or 16 were really rough for me with 2 of my 4 kids. So much puke. :nauseated_face::revolving_hearts: Couldn’t always hold water down so had to take slivers of gravel to stay out of the hospitals as they just give you that there anyway. Still getting my teeth fixed from all the acid even heartburn contributed but yeah so much decay and cavities. I’d still carry each of them even if I’d known some of the problems I’d experience beforehand. :kissing_heart::bouquet::sunflower::pray:

I never found anything that helped me. All day 24/7 severe morning sickness. It stopped at 5 months

Sugared candy drops such as lemon drops or mints. Or salt like chips.

Dramamine. I was literally prescribed it for both of my son’s pregnancies for hyperemesis gravidarum

Ice chips are a natural antiemetic. So are peppermint candies. I craved popcorn and mustard through my entire pregnancy. I always had mustard packets in my purse so if I started feeling like I was going to throw up… I’d squeeze 4-5 drops in my mouth and things would settle down. Crazy, I know.:person_shrugging:

Sips of Pedialyte, Pedialyte popsicles, saltine crackers

I’m 8 weeks with my 6th baby and I’m also :nauseated_face: 24/7. Everything makes me sick. My others weren’t like this at all.

Soft ginger candy that you can tuck in your cheek and suck on. One of mine made me so incredibly I’ll for the first FIVE months…all day, every day! The ginger helped immensely!

Take Ginger Root!! It helps so much!

Unisom n B6 together aka diclegis with an antacid helped a wee bit but really I just had to suffer my entire 3rd pregnancy.

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Ginger biscuits are recommended to help :grin:

I’ve used candied ginger, peppermints, plain crackers. Try not to ever have an empty or too full stomach :expressionless: should ease up by end of 4th month. Good luck

Stay away from ginger as much as possible

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Goat milk helped me with my 2 born child

Prego pops of Amazon…these are the prego pop drops only thing that helped me…i couldnt keep water down so I couldnt take zofran or any meds

I had that happened to me and the one thing that absolutely saved me was mineral water with a few drops of lime and tiny bit of salt

Following :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I was sick from day 1 till birth with my son!


Buy you some Sea Bands off Amazon for nausea. They help a lot. Make sure you get the ones for adults.
They help by using pressure points.

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Honestly Zofran pills were the only thing that helped me.

Get some unisom and b6 50mg take half a unisom right before bed with a b6 tablet and take the b6 3 times a day every 8 hrs! It takes a bit of time to work fully but it helps eventually! Once you are in your 2nd trimester they can prescribe you something to help if you still have morning sickness! Good luck and I hope you find some sort of relief :heartpulse:

Speak with your doctor

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Life saver mints have been my go to luckily haven’t had hardly any morning sickness this pregnancy but I’m tired all the time but I believe it’s around 10 weeks they can give you Zofran or diclegis to help also try to snack small and frequent the best you can

Ginger ale, small snacks throughout the day and peppermint EO.
I couldn’t even eat/brush my teeth sometimes without smelling peppermint EO or I’d barf.

Ask your doctor for zofran. Helps with anti nausea.
Supposedly eating small meals every 2-3 hrs but since ur so nauseous how do u eat then?!? I keep telling dr. That I just can’t eat if I’m so sensitive to smells and nauseous.
Also I noticed putting lime or lemon on every eat helps
But if it’s really bad-just take the zofran

Following for my daughter.

I had to take medicine or I couldn’t eat. There was nothing that would help it other than Zofran. It can get worse, also check to see if acid reducers help, because acid reflux made my nausea worse. There is zero shame with needing medicine, I lived by the toilet for my first pregnancy and couldn’t even handle temperature changes. I lost around 50lbs, if not more, so be kind to yourself

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I had this for 6 1/2 months. It did get a little better for end of my pregnancy. I still went to work. I kept a trash can close all day. I ate what ever I wanted cause I knew it was going to appear again. I even had to eat liver 2 times a week because all my iron was going to the baby and none to me. I had a boy. He was and still is never sick. Mosquitos don’t bite him either. You will be fine. Just keep going forward.

Gingerale and anything salty helped me :ok_hand:t3:

I sucked on cinnamon jolly rancher candies for most of my pregnancy. They were the only things that helped me. I hope you find something that works well for you. :blue_heart:

Literally nothing helped me until 11 weeks rolled around and I started feeling better.

I feel you. Oyster crackers are amazing. Bland and not as much salt as saltine crackers. Pedialyte will help too, just keep it cold. When the sickness dies down, try to eat something with protein and the essentials in it. The baby needs something good. A protein bar, some almond milk, a piece of cheese, anything non-contentious with your stomach. Keep your doctor informed about the sickness, especially if you vomit. It’s not good to get dehydrated. If it gets too bad, the doctor can give you something to stop the vomiting. Just take it easy. Eat stuff easy on the tummy. Try to get in at least a square meal a day. Keep in close contact with your doctor. You’ll be ok.

When I was pregnant with my three girls I felt sick but not so bad as others but When I was pregnant with my son I felt awful, always feeling sick all day I drank sweet tea and ate a gingersnap with it and it seemed to work for a little while, maybe try ginger tea see if that helps you.

I hope you find a solution! I was this way with my pregnancy for my oldest boy and I couldn’t find anything that helped, even medication. I was like that from the moment I got pregnant, up until I delivered him and it was absolutely exhausting, mentally and physically- constantly feeling that crappy. My thoughts are with you, Mama!


Don’t burn the house down, but burnt toast eating it helps, as the charcoal lines the stomach lining prevents this kind of sickness

I’m 5 1/2 months pregnant and still can’t keep anything down. I take meds for nausea and vomiting but they don’t seem to work only ice :ice_cube:

Talk to your doctor. There are anti nausea meds they can prescribe you. Zofran is one of them and it did miracles for me.

Love hearts and ginger biscuits are a life saver for reducing the sickness x

My last pregnancy, almost 30 years ago, lol, I lived on bone broth, ginger ale and club crackers for 5 months, then finally, relief!

I just nibble on crackers whenever I feel nauseous

What has your doc said about it?

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I had to have lemon, lime water/sprite/gr cheese alot. I couldnt keep most food down. I dont usually drink soda either but it helped me alot during PG

Prescription of diclectin, alternated with ginger gravol, plain crackers and ginger cookies.
I survived on that for all three of my boys for my entire pregnancies and they were all born big and healthy.
Take a prenatal vitamin and don’t worry, eat when you can and rest a lot.
I hope it goes away soon for you.

Something in cheetos helps calm nausea. God bless and I hope this helps

Talk to your doctor. Explain how bad it actually is. Are you losing weight? I was the same way. Even water made me puke. I tried every nausea medicine available she wrote scripts for. Nothing worked. I lost 22 pounds in 10 weeks. So she put me on the zofran pump. It was rough but it helped! Got me through the first trimester & then some- and now I’m up to my pre-pregnancy weight and no nausea so I got rid of the pump. Doing fine now! Talk to your doctor and demand something be done :heart:

I’m so sorry. It will pass I’m sure. Talk to your doctor.

Sea bands that ppl use for motion sickness they actually help… I have bad morning sickness 24/7 and this is my 3rd baby. The doctor also gave me medicine.

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My dr told me a few tricks, you could chew on a quarter size piece of raw ginger, or suck on lifesaver mints. The mints helped me a lot

Ginger helps with nausea

Saltine crackers in your night stand. Pop a couple before getting out of bed.

Honestly nothing works for morning sickness, well not for me. I even ended up in the emergency room due to being sick, they only gave me anti acid to drink which helped for a bit. Only after 17 weeks I started to feel better.

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Every single one of my pregnancies were different. I had HG with my first, a combination of morning sickness and heartburn with my second and just heartburn with my last. All girls

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I ate slatine crackers and drank gingerale…helped alot…i always got “morning sickness” at 4pm everyday…i would keep a stash of crackers and ginger ale at my desk to get me tbru the last hour of work. Lol

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I have to eat every 2 hrs before I get nauseas. Usually it’s crackers or bananas first thing in the AM

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Its a wander how I ended up having 4 children…i felt like that the whole time i was prego with 3 of the 4…I get nauseous just thinking about how sick I felt the whole time day in and day out all flipping night it was the worst!!! Zofran!!! Its a script u get from the doc. Its a last resort but i couldnt have made it through my last 2 pregnancies without it…literally…I puked so much I lost weight!

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Talk to your dr. Certain vitamins help I don’t remember what it was though

I was really sick for the first 22 weeks of my current pregnancy. The doctor gave me medicine because I was miserable and had tried everything I could. I’m still getting random days where I stay nauseous and I’m 26 weeks now. I wish you luck!

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I was sick with all my kids like that I would even lose weight it was awful nothing worked at all tried everything

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Ginger mints and preggie pop drops helped me tremendously with my all day every day morning sickness

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Antisickness tablets from your GP. Be prepared that it may last all the way through. - A HG sufferer Who vomited 20-30 times a day all the way through and suffered constant nausea. Only certain meds helped. I was on 3 different types towards the end :nauseated_face::face_vomiting:

Ginger capsules help me more than the prescription anti nausea meds

Zofran is a dissolvable medication they can give you. Ginger mango drops was something I took cause I had sporadic morning sickness from week 6 thru about my 4/5 month mark (end of November, the day after Thanksgiving :joy:). Seabands you can order off of Amazon. They go on your wrists with a little ball on a pressure point area to relieve sickness. I couldn’t keep water down or any solid food for weeks and weeks and ended up with severe anxiety associated with eating because I didn’t want to keep throwing it up. Avoid Tylenol with the red dyed tablets, I couldn’t keep those down and they were horrible coming back up. Best of luck mama i hope you feel better soon

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I was sick until the day I had my son. Nothing worked, no meds, no home remedies.

I really didn’t like it
But instant coffee

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Seabands. Didn’t think they would work but they did.

With my first I swear I was sick the entire pregnancy, not to the point of needing nausea meds but pretty close, it was a girl. I didn’t think it could get worse than that. BUT I just finished my first trimester with my second- I was dead wrong it was SOOOO much worse. I tried everything. I was so close to getting the nausea meds from my OB but right around 13 weeks it stopped out of nowhere. IMO every pregnancy is different for every woman :woman_shrugging:t3:

Zofran was the only thing my OB could prescribe. But, they told me to take half a unisom & a b6 at night & it’s suppose to help with nausea the next day.

Ask your doctor about phenergan pills or the Vitamin B6 & unisom combo. I’ve been taking phenergan nightly for over a month & its been the only thing that’s helped me. It takes a few days to build up in your system before you start feeling better, but its helped me so much. Currently 17 wks and I still have morning sickness every morning but all day nausea is gone! Also, Zofran should help but only once you enter 2nd trimester! I’ve heard preggie pops help as well but haven’t tried them.

Dr. - Zofran/Phenrghan

Zofran sublingual tablets were 100% a LIFE SAVER for me! I was sick my whole pregnancy with my daughter I lost weight my whole pregnancy. It was terrible but the Zofran helped enough I could atleast eat.

Dr can prescribe you nausea meds

Crackers helped me alot

Peppermint tea or peppermint disc’s help

Contact your doctor. I was prescribed Vitamin B6, and a few other pills to take.
Zofran was kept as a last minute resort. 9-10 weeks is usually the peak of náuseas in pregnancy. I didn’t start to feel better until about 15 weeks.

Odansentron prescription medication

Zofran was a life saver for me, I had bad morning sickness throughout my whole pregnancies with all 3 of my babies. Having crackers or a small snack before getting out of bed in the morning helped. Small bland meals/ snacks throughout the day. Hope you get some relief soon!