What can I do for an infant with acid reflux?

How can I help my infant with very bad acid reflux at home? We are currently waiting to go to the doctors next week for the appointment but I would like to try to help them before since it’s getting worse.

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My boy was diagnosed with GERD. On top of getting a formula to help what I had to do was when feeding make sure baby is sitting up and for 30 minutes after feeding. Loose pants on the belly and try to keep them out of the “car seat” position as much as possible!


With my son we could only feed 2 oz every 2 hours. It sucked but we did it for months

Make sure baby is upright for 30-40 mins after feeds. If it gets real bad, ask Dr about a wedge for the crib. And lots of extra time for burps while feeding.

My daughter is 19 but I have 4 kids and many,many friends with kids. Hers is the worst I’ve ever known of. From 2 weeks to over 1 year, I had to open an adult strength Prevacid and get it into her milk. It was awful. She is great now but never got the tummy time she needed.

My ped had me add just a little baby cereal to my sons bottles and it worked wonders. Maybe you could talk to your ped about doing that.

They make a Mylanta or Mylicon for Children, including babies.

Breastfeeding? Change diet. Formula? Change to breastfeeding with healthy diet.

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Similac Alimentum Liquid formula and Doctor Brown bottles worked for my sons GERD.