What can I do for baby acne?

My baby is 10 weeks old and she has baby acne. Doctor says it’s normal but just wondering if there’s anything I can do to help it go away?


Try breastmilk. That’s what used for everything.

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I was always told to leave it be and it’ll go away. It did with my first born. My second didn’t have it that I noticed.

I just used lotion and let it take its course

If you breast feed you can put some of your milk on your finger and put a lil dot on it. It worked with my daughter .

baby oil with a cotton ball then a clean cotton ball to get the excess off. works every time for my daughter :slightly_smiling_face:

My boy is 6 weeks old and he had it bad from birth. He’s clearing up now. Just warmed a wash cloth and wiped his cheeks at night to keep it clean

Aveeno has a baby oatmeal bath. It’s aimed more for eczema, but helps soothe the acne.

Didn’t use anything lasted about one month then disappeared! Right around same age as yours!

Put a clay mud mask, and a good steam session. Followed by some cucumbers on the eyes.


It’ll go away on its on… I wouldn’t mess with it., it want be there long at all.

It will go away on its own.

Even the dr will tell you, if you mess with it, it will get worse. Stop worrying about what’s on her if the dr said she’s fine. She doesn’t need help getting rid of it, it’s a natural thing that happens. She doesn’t need to look up to par. She’s only a couple months old, leave it be.

It’ll go away on its own. It doesn’t last long.

Don’t put oil on the baby’s face as it clogs the skin and causes acne. Wash face lightly when giving bath with a very mild wash or only water.

I used that on my son…to bathe and apply afterwards…he’s so smooth it’s hard to believe he had acne