What can I do for Christmas for my husband who lost his father?

My hubby’s dad went in for routine back surgery, but due to complications, he ended up spending last Christmas in a coma. He later passed away. I know last Christmas was difficult, and this will be as well since it’s my hubby’s first Christmas without his dad. I was thinking about doing something with him and the kids to honor his father, maybe get a customizable “In Memory Of…” candle. I haven’t experienced the death of a loved one, so I don’t fully have any idea. I just know how good he felt on Father’s Day when I set up a little place on the mantle with pictures of him and his dad. Christmas will be difficult, but I know how much it helps when his dad is honored in little ways.


Star registry in his dads name :dizzy:

Plant a Christmas Tree in his name and Decorate it

Get a blanket made with pictures of his dad/ him and his dad together on it. :heart: losing a parent is the hardest thing ever


Make your father in law his special food desserts

Maybe make a memorial ornament too

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I’m in the same situation, my hubby lost his dad in January so this was a year of first holidays without him. We talked about giving gifts to other families since his dad was a giving loving person and we wanted to honor that part of him.

Look on etsy for memorial gifts. When my grandpa passed i got my dad pictures of him and my grandpa engraved in wood

This is my first xmas without my nan (who i was very close with)
I’ve had a custom “in memory of” ornament made for our tree and were planting an apple tree in the backyard together as a family as she always loved making my son homemade apple puree

My bfs dad passed a little over 2 years 1k words was advertising on fb and is a picture of his dad and 1k times it says " I love you bodry" that is something his dad told him. And it comes on a canvas.

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I too lost my mom so I can relate to losing a parent and the holidays coming up it’s hard to cope it takes some time.

Do a memory collage picture book from when he was younger to the last picture so he has all his memories in one book and can look at it anytime. Or a memory video. Ask family for pics to put together.

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What about those pictures people are getting of their lost loved ones? They draw all the people together ina photo, so you could do your husband and his dad or his dad and your kids or all of you. I cant remember what the site is called but im sure it would come up if you searched it

My parents weren’t the greatest and I didn’t really have much to do with them in the last 10 yrs of their lives tho I did buy them a couple hundred dollars of groceries in the last year of their lives because I felt bad for them even tho they treated me like shit I kinda still felt bad for them! I thought it wouldn’t bother me when they passed but boy was I wrong! No matter how bad they treated me growing up im to kind hearted of a person to be a bitch! Maybe thats my downfall!!

Why not make blanket out of his dad’s shirt

What about getting a pillow made with a shirt of his dad’s, if he has one or if you could get on

I made my mom a beautiful picture frame of pics of her and my grandma when she was growing up to not long before her passing. Then I added a pair of her earrings in it

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We did paper lanterns for my husbands dad. He passed away last year and I bought the big paper lanterns and let everyone write messages one them for him, then we set them off before dinner.

A friend of mine got a picture drawn of her father-in-law and daughter together for her fiancé for a birthday present and it was a big hit! ((Note their daughter never got to meet him as he passed away before she was born so always an option for that too))

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maybe get him a keychain or an ornament with some5hing his dad only said or the nickname he had for him, or better yet a blade, or may i suggest a son lol with the dads name lol

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My sister got my dad a blanket with photos of our grandfather for his birthday. It was his favorite gift. He cried when he opened it

You can get blankets made through Walmart with pictures of his dad. Just a idea

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I got a star named after a loved one that passed.

I love those little chairs you can buy with a little saying about their always being a seat at the table for the person in heaven. Another idea might be a special ornament with his name and picture on it. Good luck with this. It is a wonderful thing to see you caring so much. :heart:

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Do a memorie pillow get one of his dads old shirts anf make it into a pilloow cover


Pinterest or someone local may make special ornaments

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When my best friend lost her husband, i just ordered an small ornament.

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My father in law died our first year of marriage and two months before our first child was born. So I know what you are going through and I’m sorry you both are experiencing this. We knew he was terminal so I had a shirt made for him, had him wear it and took a picture before he passed. It hangs in my daughters room. We place a red cardinal at the top of our tree to honor him and we have an angel ornament with his dates on it. I had a pillow made from a dress shirt and a blanket quilted with all of his old tshirts for my husband.

Start a family book full of amazing memories of his father whether they be written out memories or photos.

I would do pictures and candles, maybe donate to a children’s christmas fund in his name?
Or a donation to a club or society he liked?

I can help you, msg me!! :heart: