What can I do for constipation in pregnancy?

Can you please post?

Hey moms, I am 16 weeks pregnant and very constipated. I’m taking stool softener and changed my diet and nothing is helping. It’s so incredibly painful. So I’m currently sitting here pushing. I know you shouldn’t push hard but my insides are literally in so much pain I have to get this crap out. So I’m pushing and I’m having some sort of fluid leak from my vagina. I have had some milky discharge since I’ve been pregnant. Should I be worried? Could it be amniotic fluid? It doesn’t look like anything in the toilet. Thanks!


It is probably just urine hun. The bladder never seems to get fully empty when you’re pregnant!

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Get some extra fiber, I ate fiber one bars or gummies daily!

Try talking to your DOCTOR about it.


Same boat right here momma 19 weeks and still no relief. I’ve tried all things one can try the closest I get to having a decent poop is religiously taking stool softener plus fiber and drinking something caffeinated daily. I used to drink around a pot & a half of coffee a day until I had to cut it from being pregnant. Once a week I take a dose of milk of magnesia as well.

Well I couldn’t go for a week. I drank 3 20oz bottles of Apple juice and it’s finally coming out!! Good luck!

Drinking more water helps

Coffee!! And fiber. Mirilax made me throw up but give it a shot!

Probably just urine, you’re never truely empty. Stay hydrated, take stool softeners, drink apple juice on an empty stomach, and warm liquids in AM. Best of luck momma, I know the struggle.

Karo syrup helps with babies constipation. I’m sure it could help with adults

Take a table spoon of milk of magnesia once in the morning everyday. It will help keep you regular and it doesn’t cause diarrhea just soft stools. You may need to do it a few days before it starts working, but once it starts working don’t stop til about two weeks after delivery.

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Magnesium!! Lots of it! Magnesium hydroxide if you can find it.
Call your doc also about the fluid. I can’t imagine that pushing from constipation would be enough to cause damage to the amniotic sac, but I’m no expert. So call!

Milk of magnesia work for me

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I had to eat prunes when i was pregnant. I hate them but it worked great

I’m 24 weeks and have the same issue the only thing that helps is milk of magnesia at least twice a week. Just be prepared to go into the bathroom and waterfall into the potty basically. But it will clear he completely out and you will feel so much better.

Always call your doctor, but they had me use doculax and drink straight apple juice. As far as the milky discharge; if it doesn’t have an odor I wouldn’t worry.

Milky discharge is normal is what my obgyn told me

You need to see your OBGYN right away…every pregnancy is differant and issues are handled differently.

Pure orange juice or eat some pears :pear: that worked for me x

Pure orange juice or eat some pears :pear: that worked for me x

Kiwi fruit an cooled boiled water it was a shit show but gosh it worked for me everyone is different but when you at breaking point you will give anything a go good luck mama!

Prune juice things with fiber

Prunes prune juice and water

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Warm water and a tablespoon of brown sugar

eprunes. or prune juice. plenty of water

The iron in your prenatal vitamins is probably the cause of the constipation

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Call your dr. And make a apt. Tell then your leaking or may be leaking fluids.

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It’s not amniotic fluid mama, don’t worry. Water and fiber for the constipation!

Constipation and vaginal discharge is quite normal during preganacy but just gi to dr to get a professional opinion.

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Idk if you like coffee, but if you add a tab of butter in your coffee, it helps the bowels. You can also do warmed prune juice and add the butter as well. I have been a home care nurse a long time and it works.

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It’s not amniotic fluid, since you’re pushing so hard your body expelled what little urine you had in your bladder. Sometimes I could think I’m done peeing but then I’ll push really hard to the point my face is red and more dribbles out. If you’re worried about it you can always call your obgyns nurse advice line.

Magnesium citrate helped me

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Get some of this. You can find it at any store. It works. I give it to my boys.

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This happened to me when I was like 22 weeks pregnant. I ended up going to the hospital lol they just laughed at me… I went to CVS after and the pharmacy told me to buy a water enema … It did the trick.

Natural calm. It’s magnesium but alot better and it relaxes you aswell and lets you have a good nights rest. I had the fluid thing happen once. It was clear. I went to the ER thinking it was amniotic fluid. They kept asking me if i was sure it wasn’t urine. Obviously i knew it wasn’t. So they checked my levels, evergthing was fine. The next day i went in to see my doctor and he said sometimes it’s just excess fluid build up. But yes always check with your doc.

Tons of water, lots of fiber

Sugar free Chocolate…works every time

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Watermelon is great too

I’ve heard prune juice works wonders

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I was also very very constipated when I was earlier in my pregnancy. I took stool softener and had to increase food intake with lots of fiber. It sucks. But take the stool softener and don’t strain.

Talk to your doctor to see what will work for you.

I have to take 4 stool softeners to gelp. One won’t do anything. Take them everynight.

100% Aloe vera is a natural laxative just a table spoon though.

Some prenatals make constipation worse and some prenatals have a mild laxative in it. Ask your doctor about what to look for that would help.

Lots of water n fruits help

Talked with my doctor about it today at my ob appt she said water will help a little bit but stuff like apple juice should work

Warm prune juice is your friend when your constipated and pregnant.

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I had to assist myself it was so bad. Take the end of your finger and put petroleum jelly in and around your bum hole. As you push press on your “taint” area it will help tons. I know it’s gross but you gotta do what you gotta do

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Lemon water every day on empty stomach lots of water. Call doctor.

Vitamins have high iron it makes you constipated, eat smaller portions, like snacking through the day nuts, avocados, drink plenty of water, fruit… I’m sorry it sucks. If you’re still leaking go get checked out!

Water water water honey! Lots and lots of water. I’m so sorry.

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Look into magnesium supplement. I have one you mix into water and it’s saved my life postpartum! It’s called natural calm and I got it at my health food store

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Squatty potty? Its a stool you prop your feet up on ( I’m small so I just put them on the rim of the seat. But a stool works best

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Drink a ton of water.

An enema or suppository

For relief the fastest thing I know are glycerine supposotories and lots of water. X

Trust me you don’t want to push like that your gonna have some horrible hemorrhoids after you have the baby and those things hurt worse then giving birth lol my baby doc told me to get milk of magnesia that crap is so gross and trust me u only need one dose of what it says to take and for me after I took that it hurt while going I thought I was gonna go in labor lol but after all done I felt so much better definitely felt cleaned out :joy: good luck oh but first make sure with your baby doc you can take that idk yours or the baby’s health history so wouldn’t want u taking nothing that would hurt you but I did fine taking it that one time while pregnant again good luck