What can I do for constipation while pregnant?

I’m 9 weeks Prego and sooo constipated. I am hungry but I’m not. Like I feel full and hungry at the same time. I feel full to my throat and I keep burping. So gross lol.I took a colace and tried coffee. Nothing is helping. Please give me ideas to help


The prenatals did that to me in both my pregnancies. I took clearlax daily to keep me going, with my second pregnancy my doctor made me start taking my prenatals every other day because the constipation was so bad. I drank so much water in hopes of it helping ans it did a little but i was constantly peeing like i spent most of my day in the bathroom

Stay plenty hydrated! That will definitely help. Along with coffee :wink::rofl:

Stay super hydrated and keep up the colace.

Get simething fir constipation from the pharmacy

Magnesium and Vitamin C supplements

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Try eating Raisins or cherry. Even juices. They really help with constipation

Miralax and laxatives. The chocolate laxatives seem to work best for me. They don’t make my stomach crap like the other laxatives do. I do a cap full of miralax.

I’m at 10 weeks & had been struggling with the saaaaame thing. I’ve been eating more salads & fruits which has helped me a tonnnn. I’m able to go daily now lol

My obgyn advised me to which to prenatal gummy and to always use miralax.