What can I do for diarrhea in babies?

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Question for mommies.
I have a 9m old who has had loose stools for almost 2 weeks now. She had her well child 9m check up visit Friday. I mentioned it to her pediatrician and she said it may be something viral. I’m thinking maybe it’s the formula that’s making her belly sick. She’s eating table foods now ( everything gentle) no greasy foods. I have made her some rice these days so it can help a little. She’s not teething and hasn’t had anything different in her diet. I wanted to know if anything like this has happened to any of you alls babies and if it was indeed the formula ?? She’s currently on Similac Sensitive . Her stools are super liquidy they come out of her diapers and it’s like 5 to 6 times a day. Other than that she’s acting pretty normal. I will be making her another appointment this week.

Get the doc to check her ears

My 9 month old daughter is having diarrhea because of an antibiotic she is on and her pediatrician recommended a probiotic. Itsa powder that comes in a packet i usually either add it to one of her bottles or mix it with apple sauce and feed it to her. It has helped tremendously. I would ask about it if her poop continues to be like that and also maybe add some pedialyte to her diet while she is having it so that way your baby doesnt get dehydrated

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My little one has this and it was viral, we had to cut out dairy for a bit cause it messed up the enzymes in his tummy. After a week of being in a probiotic for babies it fixed him all up and everything went back to normal.

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Is she teething or showing signs of it? Teething can make bowels acidic and result in loose stools. Suggestions above of yogurt could help if that’s the case. I would run it by your dr 1st.

My dr told me to use this and to cut back on dairy when my lil one had loose stools