What can I do for dry scalp?

Ever since having my 2nd daughter 4 months ago my scalp has been sooo dry. I have used head and shoulders, doesn’t seem to work. I have used dove scalp and repair and doesn’t seem to be working. Any other things to help with dry scalp?


Have you tried hair masks? I second the hairdresser idea.

Olive oil treatment is what helped mine! I don’t remember the brand but found it at Walmart lol

H&S is prob making the dryness worse. It’s not meant for moisturizing. Make sure you’re getting enough vitamins and water. Check in with your PCM if you have any health concerns and check with your hairdresser. Are you washing with hot water, too often, with terrible shampoos,etc. all of that plays into hair and scalp health.

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I was like that after my 2nd. Nothing worked until the doctor prescribed me something stronger. Smelled awful but it worked

Caster oil: use dropper and apply directly to scalp and sleep in it overnight.

Please go see a hairdresser and get professional products from the hair salon! You’ll notice a big difference! They’ll help you figure out what you need mama💜

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Coconut oil or olive oil treatments and great for your hair too

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