What can I do for dry skin?

My 2 year old is really dry on her skin. On her tummy she has round patches that are rough and red. What’s the best kind of lotion to use on dry skin that isn’t too scented?

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Aquaphor my daughter has eczema and that’s what I use and it works great

Coconut oil in her bath.

My 4 month old has the same problem, I use Burt’s Bees unscented lotion

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Dermaveen oatmeal based

I’ve been using dream cream from Lush for my son. It’s all natural, and it helps control his eczema. It’s a little expensive, but I bought my container back in June and I still have a lot left. I also will use the eucerin eczema cream. Both are unscented.

Childs farm moisturizer. It’s amazing for dry skin x

Bath, pat dry, vaseline…only thing that worked on my sons eczema.
If you use any kind of lotion make sure there is no water (or not in the top 5 ingredients) in it (which is extremely hard to find)…water makes it worse

After ALOT of trying everything just plan Vaseline right after a bath and right before bed works the best. my daughter is 9 and has been dealing with eczema since she was a baby.

Everything else cause burning feeling with my daughter if it flared up to bad. Most the time if we apply right before bed is 90% better by morning.


Gold bond eczema cream is really great and inexpensive

My babe has the same issue he has pretty bad eczema I just found this cream and honestly it works great! Give it a try! :blush: Good luck mama!

Vanicream or aquaphor

Whatever you use can almost always be mixed with Vaseline. I have a jar sitting on the bathroom sink for diaper rash, dry skin, dry/bloody noses, a guard for hair dye if I dye my hair, etc.

Recommended by a dermatologist for my 4 year old grandson. CeraVe moisturizing cream. Ordered from Amazon. No scent. Worked wonders.

Vaseline with cocobutter… works wonders for me and my 2 daughter’s

Aveeno lotions and body wash or an organic oatmeal bath bar instead of Johnson and Johnson baby wash, if it gets bad to where baby is bleeding from scratching you can take to pediatrician and they will give u a cream for the spots of eczema, also Vaseline helps too.

I know you said not scented, but lifesaver for me was mixing coconut oil and lavender oil! This worked on everything, even diaper rash!

I use coconut oil for everything

This works great!!! Not scented and works fast!


Can also add oatmeal to bathwater it soothes the skin

Baby oil gel- it’s seriously amazing, also use dove baby soap bar it doesn’t dry the skin and keeps it moist

Our pediatrician recommended CeraVe and it’s worked great on our 18 month old since she was about 9 months old.

My Bub has these. The dr thinks it’s eczema. She said QV have a cream that is great for it. Apparently keeps it moisturised very well aswell as allowing it to breathe

Pure Shea butter, jojoba oil or coconut oil. That’s all I use on myself for eczema, it works the best and it’s the best for your skin.

Utter cream. Can be gotten at Wal-Mart and comes in a can/tub that has a cow pattern to it. Dermatologist actually suggested it as best for mild poriasis

I know this gonna sound crazy but it works. My son had really bad eczema when he was younger. I took him to a pediatric dermatologist and they said do the following:
Stop using dryers sheets
Use Cerave lotion and body wash (no sulfites in it, no matter)
And in a tub full of water, 1/8th of a cup of bleach.
I thought she was nuts. But the bleach softens the water and makes it less harsh on their delicate skin.
It worked like a charm. He is 13 and has the softest, smoothest skin

The best thing I have ever used isn’t a lotion at all. I use coconut oil, put it in her bath water and apply afterwards, also before bedtime. Just don’t use ALOT.

Been there done that. Literally nothing worked but Cerave which is what the dermatologists in Sudbury recommend.

I also found that when she had a ton of dairy products it would flare up more so I wouldn’t avoid it but I would limit it

Eucerine eczema lotion

I use coconut oil on my little guy. He does get round red/rough spots, his doctor prescribed him a cream when needed an within 2-3 days they are gone.

I’ve used Aveeno Calming Comfort Bath and after that, Aveeno Calming Comfort Lotion for my baby girl since she was born. I started with Johnson &Johnson bath n lotion but that irritated her skin, gave it those rough patches. So I switched to Aveeno n have been using this since. No more rough dry patches. No more dry skin. She’s 3, almost 4 now. Every baby is different though, so maybe take her to her doctor first.

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I did it all. Oatmeal bathes, coal tar ointment, sorry shots and skin test, etc. You make it! Then Rx synalar , a cortisone ointment came out when I was 17 years old.
Then I got pregnant. I had itched since I was a baby and my mom, who had taken me to the doctors, made my room allergy free, bought special bedding, etc snapped when I was worried about my son that maybe I should try the 'baby detergents '. So fortunately I started using Ivory to wash out clothes. I Cleared Up in two weeks. My son outgrew his baby rash on a couple of months.
Now I have been clear, no rash, and use Tide Unscented for the past over 35 years. I pay attention and when soap manufacturers and lotion manufacturers started adding Vit E my skin started burning and itching after using products that I have used for many decades and used to buy by the gallon.
So read labels, used the simplest soap, lotion, detergents you can AND and find what works for you. Try things for two weeks to see if you clear up, but if it irritates or burns Stop immediately. I got lucky all those years ago and found soap, toothpaste, deodorant, lotion, and detergents, etc that work for me.
I have had to make changes over the years when manufacturers changed their formulas.
Be patient.

I just use straight up aloe from the grocery store. My son had bad eczema that covered his entire body. The redness was gone after a week. His skin completely healed after two weeks.

Vanicream is the best!

Aquaphor is great for cracked skin on feet and elbows and hands

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My son’s doctor prescribed trincelinome (don’t know correct spelling)

Baby aveeno, aquaphor, or cocoa butter

Use baby lotion or almond or coconut oil.

Make sure its not ring worms!

Put a couple tbs of coconut oil in her bath water I always do that for my kids in the winter and dryer months they get bad dry skin also. It seems to help quite a bit

Try this one! My son and I have really dry skin. This has helped a ton. Not to spendy, does not have a strong scent and I bought it at Walmart.

Aquaphor, the equate brand is what I used. It’s very good and less expensive. At Wal-Mart

I would get her checked and make sure it’s not ring worm, or eczema. Both are common and treatable.

Curel is my absolute favorite. It’s extremely moisturizing and there are quite a few different types, all of which are none scented.

There aren’t any kid versions, however, it can’t cause any harm.
When I get super dry, it only takes like 2 days to help moisturize my skin.

My absolute favorite lotion.

My son gets this on the backs of his legs. We went to the dermatologist recently cause it got really bad. I was using coconut oil, which helped, but Aveeno Baby Eczema Therapy WORKS! It’s not scented as scents tend to set of skin issues.

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My son has had eczema since he was a month old has now 2 and a half and still battles it. I have tried EVERYTHING. the only thing I found that works is OTC cortisone 10 eczema lotion. In a red and white tube. My Walmart and Kroger carry it.

Aveeno baby eczema lotion, its sent free.

Aquaphor baby healing ointment or vaseline

Aye make sure it’s not ringworm. If eczema or just in general check out California baby lotion, and 2 in 1 shampoo body wash. It’s a little pricey but my lil ones skin is super sensitive and we have gone thru so many of the products listed here with no luck. Then we found California baby, this is all plant based. Check it out but be sure to read all ingredients to make sure your lil one is not sensitive or allergic to any of the plants. Good luck, I hope you find a remedy ! :smiley: