What can I do for epidural back pain?

Mama’s who had an epidural? How’s your back pain? Is there anything I can do for it?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What can I do for epidural back pain?

I had a epidural in my Back. now I am having back problems. And there’s Not much you can do other than put Bio freeze on it.

Good luck. It is a lasting pain.


And heat packs
Also massage therapy helps a lot

I have no clue, I had my first three natural… and my last two I had epidural in 2020 and 2021, and man, I had no idea this was a side effect and since the days have been getting colder I can really feel it! My husband got an electric massage chair for $150 and it has a “heat” option… and I sit in it every chance I get!

I just ice then heat. Ice then heat.
Repeat until your back is numb.

Ibuprofen doesn’t help (me)
Bio freeze may or may not help. Never tried it. Absorbine jr? I’d try anything.

Had my first 5 years ago and still have pains.