What can I do for extremely dry lips?

Anyone else dealing with or have any quick solutions for extreme chapped lips? No matter what I use I can’t get it to heal up. Already using Chapstick and Petroleum Jelly.


Diaper cream is what my mum always used on us before bed and it was good by morning

Find this product I promise it works

Put Vaseline on EVERY NIGHT before you go to bed…ive done this for years and can’t go to sleep without doing it first…also aquaphor works well…make sure you drink plenty of water to throughout the day…dry lips can be a sighn of dehydration!

Drink water, you need to hydrate. I find eos helps me, but it’s not for everyone

Drink a lot of water and apply aquaphor consistently throughout the day.

Kylie skin makes a lip mask that has changed my life!! I have the nicest lips now!!

Water. Sounds crazy but I always know when in really dehydrated bc my lips get so dry they crack. And vaseline

I exfoliate to get the dead/dry skin off and then use a cbd lip palm. I swear by it and use the lip balm daily. My lips have never been more plump, moisturized, or healthy.

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Coconut oil and drink more water.

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You could be dehydrated or the air could be dehydrating your lips. If patroleum jelly isn’t working then I would drink more water and get a humidifier. The air could be the reason

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Water, a non abrasive lip scrub, and a lip balm not ChapStick

I hear nipple cream works really well.

I put Eucerine lotion on mine at night when they get chapped

My lips get so dry they crack and bleed. NOTHING worked for years until I tried this. It literally healed them overnight and is amazing.

I’ve tried everything else, lip scrubs, Vaseline, lanolin etc. This beats them all 100%.


Don’t lick your lips, use a lip exfoliating scrub, and see about finding a medicated chapstick… try out different brands. Not all chapsticks are the same.

I find gluey lip glosses work well; you just have to put paper towels over your pillow to avoid stains. If it’s due to medications, ask your doc for suggestions, though when I had that problem he said keep Chapsticks EVERYWHERE so they’re always handy, and that’s still not working for you.

Anything with beeswax and natural ingredients.

I apply the carmex that comes in the round container, every night even if my lips aren’t chapped so it helps prevent it from happening or getting bad when the weather is windy/dry.

Burts bees lip balm or plain old vaseline

Drink more water, it’s a sign of dehydration

A&D ointment and Neosporin work really well.

Stop ChapStick. It has alcohol in it so it will keep your lips dry. I use petroleum jelly and either Vaseline brand lip stuff of soft lips.

Carmax that what I use

Make sure you are drinking plenty of water. Also, if you are a smoker -that’s why they won’t heal! Stop smoking.
Also best to use medicated blistex for broken chapped lips and make sure you put on right before going to sleep -so that it can stay on and work for awhile. If you only put balm on during the day you are then constantly licking it off, drinking/eating it off …

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Make sure you drink water. Also, when you brush your teeth, brush your lips too. Gets rid of the dead skin. Immediately afterward, apply a moisturizing lip balm.

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O’Keeffes and hello bello work well for me. But once I wake up and wash my face I use aveeno positively radiant face wash, and then the lotion and put on my lips too. Seems my eczema likes this combo better

I used Carmex for years but now use Lip Sense from SeneGence, it’s kinda pricey but we’ll worth it. I don’t even use it every day now!

I use Vicksburg vapo rub. Works great and clears your sinuses. :slightly_smiling_face:


Vicks vapor rub will soften them up and heal the cracks. I have used it sense I was a kid, and works everytime.


Drink lots of water…this may be something other than dry lips…i do suffer with it…if it get worse see ur…primary.

I love Burts bees , the one they make for e trembly chapped lips ( sorry, I can’t remember what type it is, but if u google Burts bees you will get all the options, it’s expensive but a tube lasts a long time)

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Blistex i think its medicated, it will burn a little for a minute but it works.


Drink more water also use lipsense lipstick its a stay on lipstick that exfoliates and hydrates and makes lips softer.

I had very dry lips, I started drinking more water, brush lips and applied twice daily coconut oil, you will see difference in 3 days

Lypsyl is an excellent lip balm.
I am EXTREMELY sensitive to lip products. And have tried everything, from blistex, to Carmex, to burts bees, to “chapstick” brand, to medicated lip ointment, to literally EVERYTHING. My lips would always become so dry, they would split open, and it didn’t matter how much water I would drink.
A friend with Alopecia recommended Lypsyl to me because I guess his lips didn’t create its natural moisture.
Tried it and it’s the only thing that works!

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When mine get that dry, I use a warm wash cloth on them before bed to remove the dry skin, then lather them with lip moisturizer. I look for ones that say total hydration or something of the sort. They usually feel quite a bit better by the next morning but I keep applying throughout the day as well. If they are still dry that night, I repeat the process but I usually don’t have to do that. Petroleum jelly doesn’t add moisture, it only traps what moisture is already there. So if you are trying to add moisture, you’re better off with a lip moisturizer. But petroleum jelly can help heal if there are cracks in your lip. Also, try to drink plenty of water.

I am having the same problem for some reason never had it this bad before in my life have been trying everything nothing working also getting dry mouth along with my lips being dry getting irritated with this issue I have look it up on line have found that sites and people saying drink more water and quit smoking if your a smoker which I am because caffeine and tobacco makes these issue worse I didn’t know but I have been trying to cut down on my caffeine intake and not smoking as much up this works if not gonna see my doctor about this issue so hope this may help you :pray:.

Neosporin Lip Care. Only thing that works for me. Order from amazon.

Don’t put some of the things suggested in other comments they are not meant to be ingested, such as petroleum products of any kind,vapor rub with menthol.

When I was young my Mom found out it was a vitamin I was lacking in. Not sure which one might be vit. C not sure look up vitamins

Go to a farm and ranch supply and get Corona. Best cream ever. Also good for diaper rash or diaper rash preventative.

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Do not use anything with petroleum jelly. It does not penetrate, stays on the surface. I use Arbonne products

I have the same issue. Aquaphor is the only thing I can use. Recommended by my Dermatologist.

Allergies can cause extreme dry lips. Chapped Stick, and Vaseline are old time remedies and old remedies are many times the best remedies. Talk to a Allergist

Abreva is for chapped lips and cold sores healed in no time at all, u can get it at Walmart don’t get store brand.

Chapstick made my lips dryer and chapped. Since I quit using mine are fine. Yes to water!

Vitamin A&D ointment works for me

Bag balm it is the best thing ever

Try a little WITCH HAZEL. It’s very soothing. 100 per cent Natural Astringent.

Always have it this time of the year…always start with the chap stick a month ago…then everynight faithfully and have no real problem the rest of the season.

Lanolin cream for breastfeeding its with the diapers and wipes.

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Where do you buy Lip Sense

First see that yr OK medically. My family uses carmex. It heals

Carmen works for me. Also drink more water.

I was having lots of trouble and started using Burt’s Bees…

Herpecin L. Work well for me. Suggested by my doctor years ago.


Lipster My daughters dermatologist recommended this and it worked great

Try to drink more water.


Lanolin. I order from Amazon.

Dry lips are a sign of dehydration so drink more water

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Coconut or olive oil

My daughter likes Burt’s bees

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Drink water u may be dehydrated

You need to exfoliate the dead skin off before hydrating. I mix sugar and honey and use it as a scrub on my lips when they get bad, then petroleum jelly on after.

Try Campho Phenique. Get in the gel formula.

Blistex in the squeeze tube !

Carmex and stop kicking them

Ask your family doctor what to use…

Take some L-lysine to speed healing

Mentholatum does wonders

I use lip balm made from goat milk. Their lotions and soaps are excellent also windrifthill.com

Lip scrubs are great

Hi. I’m using this https://www.atomy.com:449/us/Home/Product/ProductView?GdsCode=A00460. It really helps me with my chapped lips. You can purchase online. Also you just drink lots of water.

Carmax is a great one

Burt’s Bees. Is the best :blue_heart:

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Visforvoodoo.com—amazing all natural lip balm

lanolin is great too

Maybe the products you are using are making them worse? Also drink extra water.

Coconut oil before bed.

Since it has not healed, it is time to see a dermatologist or skin doctor for a biopsy. I say this because of my experience with a “cold sore” which turned out to be a carcinoma.

Hydration is the key. Seems like no matter what I use will work unless I’m properly hydrated.

Only thing that works for me is the blistex in green tube

Personally im a Burt’s bees user. Been using it for years and I only use it after brushing my teeth.

Soft toothbrush and coconut oil. Brush it on your lips

Cut open clear vitamin E capsules, apply 2-3 times a day.