What can I do for forehead wrinkles?

I was wondering if you could post asking what creams or patches are best for forehead wrinkles …I’ve looked at some but then find bad reviews. I’m willing to spend the extra money on some that actually work if I only knew which ones did.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What can I do for forehead wrinkles?

Botox. Then creams do nothing but sell you a dream


Loreal hyalaronic acid serum. Is like $25 at walmart. Loreal is grocery store version of lancome products i think same company makes both brands

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I did botox. I admittedly hated it BUT it did break my habit of wrinkling my forehead so it worked!

I’m sure you’re beautiful wrinkles and all, embrace it! Aging is a luxury not many are given!


Go to a dermatologist for advice and proven products. Nothing will be instant(besides botox) at best a product will “soften” them


I swear by oil of olay. The day and night cream. All my wrinkles vanished within 6 weeks. I wont use anything else. Growing up I used noxema. Never use soap.


I take a liquid collagen that is amazing!! It’s %100 bioavailable so meaning your body uses it all. Here I will post some results ppl have.
I also have a code to get $10 off

Botox. But don’t be pressured into higher doses. That can cause frozen flesh and shiny skin that will have a reflection :pensive:

Those of you saying Botox, is it super expensive and how long do the results last?

I’m surprised how many have said Botox.
Please don’t pump that shit into your face…
I’m sure your beautiful wrinkles n all

I have botox once a year

None of them actually work. Try to find a spa with non-invasive toning devices. Like the CryoLyft Pro or. HiEMT device. Both spa devices.

Daily collagen intake plus micro needling treatments every 8 weeks and you’re good to go FOR LIFE.

IF you can cut out sugar that helps too

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Dr Nasser his stuff is the best

I did Botox but discovered that i would end up with new wrinkles in different places so Botox becomes a vicious cycle and you need more and more each time. Right now i have invested in q good skin care line and I can see some small improvements, but overall my skin is nice and clear and just looks age appropriate.

Lamer oil and lotion

Rodan and fields is amazing!!! Too expensive for me but if I could afford I’d use it!

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Anything but Botox I got it 15 months ago and still Suffering with MCAS from it .

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I like vitamin c serum, dermaplane facials,and dermabrasian.
But the best thing is to prevent them with sunscreen.
Drinking water and staying hydrated also makes them less noticeable.

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Lol just don’t worry about those pesky wrinkles on the forehead just smile often.

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I’ve been told all you need for anti-aging is vitamin c and retinol. It is also what i use and love the results.

Modere. Collagen intake and collagen creams. Pricey. But my skin is better in my 30s then my 20s

I’ve heard super good reviews for frownies patches. They’ve been around like 100yrs or something crazy long.

Botox or Peter Roth firming cream

Vitamin C and hyaluronic serums

Botox .

Creams do not work . Wrinkles are genetics. Botox plastic surgery etc but theses store Creams etc don’t work


I worked in dermatology for 20+ years and let me tell you. Women spend billions of dollars on cosmetics and procedures every year to try to erase the signs of aging. Other than temporary fixes that cost an arm and a leg or chemicals injected into your body that can cause a whole host of heath issues later or nasty painful super expensive procedures that only last for a while before the problem recurs or pops up somewhere else on your aging body so you have to do more and more until you’re in the poor house looking like the joker. We all get them. You’d look like a emotionless stone wall without them. Embrace your “smile lines” and be glad you lived long enough to have them which isn’t a privilege given to some. My MaMa always said….even little tiny baby’s have wrinkles. Use a decent moisturizer with sunscreen and take a cruise with the money you’ll save :woman_shrugging:t3:


Just embrace your natural beauty. Save the money for other things. They’ll come back trust me.


Plexaderm, however it’s expensive, all of the sales videos are convincing, it’s just a thought. maybe try to get a free trial…Good luck…

Coconut oil… every morning and every night

Nothing topical works your gunna spend an arm and a leg on some top of line products to see hardly any results or prob none at all. Just take that money and go get some Botox. That you will not regret


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Botox is the only coming from someone iv used every cream and nada getting botox soon


I got botox. Super pleased

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I was using a collagen serum with Dead Sea minerals… it took that wtf line right off my forehead. I found it for like $7 at Big Lots! :joy:


Gopure, read reviews you will not regret it. Also, join the group on Facebook for a ton of deals and support from a group that goes out of their way to help one another❤ Also great prices!

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Honestly, I had a big line in my forehead, right between my eyes… I used the Roc deep wrinkle patches (with the cones-they kind of tingle when you put them on and sleep in them) and it was GONE by 3 uses! They’re $20 for 6 of them but so worth it! I got them at target


I’ve always used pure vitamin e oil and it has always worked great, especially around the eyes. Great for dark spots, scars and discoloration. Jamieson also has a vitamin e oil face cream that is nice as well. The best thing you can do though is to just make sure you have lots of sunscreen and a hat always.

Botox will be your best friend for this…lol…I will never go without…js

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Liquid medical-grade collagen. DM me for more info.

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I just make sure my skin doesn’t dry out. That seems to help. Lots of water and a good moisturising cream. Xx

Marine collagen (liquid).

I noticed a huge difference when I started using Plant Therapy anti-age pre diluted essential oil roll-on blend at night

Hi! I have lots of different products that help! Feel free to message me, in the long run WAY cheaper than botox!

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Derma roller and hyaluronic acid serum


I would use medical grade skincare products. They cost more, but you don’t buy them as frequently because you use such a small amount due to the quality of the ingredients in them. Incorporate a retinol into your evening skincare routine and botox from a medspa is also a good route to go

Derma roll
Collagen on a daily basis
Hyaluronic acid for moisturizer
You can never go wrong with botox!!!

I recently learned about an amazing product. It’s Glow Hydrolyzed liquid collagen. Results vary for everyone but a lot of people have amazing results. I started taking it because it also helps arthritis pain but what it does for my skin is a bonus. Here’s a couple people’s results for the skin. If you would like more information I recently became an associate because I love the product so much, you can send me a pm.

honestly just get botox. only thing that really works if u really want em gone.


Egg, it tightens your skin, use at night daily and you’ll see a difference in a week

Your age and how bad they are should be taken into consideration.

No cream can’t prevent or help with wrinkles if you already have on your forehead. Botox only.


Botóx, sunscreen,sun glasses and hats

To get forehead wrinkles, just worry a lot, get plenty of sun and very little sleep


Hylaranic lol l. Did. I. Spell. That. Right?. Acic. Some. Creams. Have. I. I.think. Revlon. I. Found. [email protected] $$. Tree

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Collagen, moisturizer is KEY. A regular face routine is a must. Morning and night, make sure your daytime/morning moisturizer has sunblock in it (it’ll tell you SPF)
Wear a hat, avoid sun on the face. When exfoliating/washing face always push UP TOWARD your hairline, less circular and certainly not downward we don’t wanna make gravitys job easier lol.
Facial massage. Keeps the tension down in the eyebrow ridge. That tension from furrowing our brow can cause and continue forehead wrinkles. Regular massage can relax those muscles and ease that need to raise our eyebrows.
Botox of course is the be all end-all AND has actual health benefits afterwards. Check out some research and you’ll be surprised. Just make sure to find a well rated, well reviewed and liked esthetician that’s certified to do Botox. If you have any worries of allergic reaction, request a test spot (I’m a barber but studied some esthetician course work to graduate. I’m sure they do an allergy test beforehand but never hurts to ask just in case)

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Message me!! I have the perfect product for you!!

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Make your Ponytail tighter!


I sell all natural skincare and makeup if you would like to look at my skincare line… just let me know if you have any questions. I have serums, oils, and other things that do help out for this!

Botox injections got rid of my wrinkles

Botox if you are willing tobspend…

My mom swears by rodan & fields

Farmasi Age Reversist

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Ya really out here suggesting Botox like it looks good.


Embrace them :wink: Grow old naturally <3

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Exercise helps prevent further damage and can increase blood flow through your skin.

Retinol at night, ROC brand is my favorite


Stop raising your eyebrows at your husband :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


PlasmaPen www.facebook.com/BeautifulFacesbyAmy

Ive been using frownies for a few weeks and I think they do a decent job. I have not been as consistent as I could be for better results. But Im not trying to get botox, more prevent them from getting worse…

I sell Avon with good affordable cream that WORKS for face wrinkles or under the eye wrinkle… If you want me to send you what we have for that send me a pm :slightly_smiling_face:

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Someone used tape to get rid of her wrinkles. It was on tik tok. It seemed like it worked

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girl botox. creams will help you to prevent wrinkles. but you already have them. botox will actually help you prevent them from getting worse.


I have a line corrector I know of that you could try!

Limelife by Alcone has amazing skin

Its like $16 a pop lasts about a year works well

Why am I not seeing more microneedling procedures on here? From someone that is interested. Any thoughts? Thanks😊

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Jennifer Bradley Skincare and Cosmetics! The Time Freeze and Best DNA cream. All of her products work well!

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A good serum, I like rosehip oil. A good moisturizer, I like sunday Riley. & I recently bought the “frownies” on amazon, they work really well if you use them overnight :blush:

Micro needling, Botox and bangs. Followed with good skincare for prevention. See plastic surgery center

Facia Blaster by Ashley Black

I got this because I started to notice I was getting wrinkles around my mouth, and let me tell you, it has made a big improvement! It says instant plumping, but I really don’t notice anything other than my skin feels really smooth. But after about 3 uses, I could see a noticeable difference. I started using it on my hands, hips and stretch marks and will be buying more!! I got this at Ross, but I’m sure it’s available elsewhere

Botox…some places do specials of $10 a unit and if they have the Allē program you get discounts and offers. After my discount and offers I just paid $5 for 20 units. I don’t get them on forehead so not sure how much you would need. Consultations are usually free

I’ve heard good reviews on frownies