What can I do for hand foot mouth?

My baby has hand foot mouth…what can I do to ease her pain as much as i can?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What can I do for hand foot mouth?

Took my daughter to the doctor for this. Was told it’s a virus has to run its course but benadryl can help in the meantime

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Nurofen and panadol take together regularly. Poor sweetheart my little girl had this when she was 14months old and she was in so much pain :cry:

Nurofen an Panadol. They are supposed to dry out on their own.

Kids just had it

But I used Calamine lotion to help with itching .in nappy area as it was keeping him awake.

Calamine lotion on the rash helps with the itching. But yeah there’s no antibiotics or anything my daughter had it back in November

Go to Walmart and get the oatmeal bath stuff and if it’s in their mouth as their doctor if they have magic mouthwash it’s an absolute life saver also use calamine lotion it helps the itching and dries it up faster

calamine lotion. the one that’s in the pink bottle. benadryl, rotate between tylenol & motrin. plenty water

I was told to mix a small amount of miralax and benadryl to help with mouth sores, but I would ask your doctor about it, depending on age. My guy is 2. Otherwise, lots of snuggles and tylenol/ibuprofen. It’s a viral thing that just has to work its way through. My little dude cleared up in a week of having it, was whiny and feeling yucky for another week once his sores were gone.

What is hand foot mouth.never heard of it before :thinking:

I was told by my daughters doctor when she was little they could use magic mouth wash ask her doctor about it