What can I do for hip pain in pregnancy?

So I’m 34 weeks pregnant with my first baby. I have horrible pain in my left hip. I have brought it up with my doctor and she just said that it’s from everything being pushed around to make room for my baby boy. It’s gotten to the point where simply bending/squatting or even rolling in bed to get comfortable is an extremely painful task. Should I keep pushing her to see if there’s something to help ease it? Should I be worried? Like I said it’s my first little one so I’m not sure if this much pain is normal.


Shes right. My second child broke my tailbone in utero and I couldn’t walk at all the last two weeks of the pregnancy

I did during and still do now have horrible hip pain.

I had that pain a little during my pregnancy. Not a lot but I remember feeling it on certain days.

Sounds like spd. :frowning: Get a maternity belt and belly band for those real hard days.

Same here… if you aren’t already, try sleeping with a fluffy pillow between your thighs/knees. It helps a lot!!

I had it as well. There were days I was in agony. One of my doctors simply said “you realize you’re pregnant right?” I wanted to smack him. But after talking with other doctors who were much more nice about it. All you can really do is some stretch ing every day. It should go away after you deliver. Hang in there Mama you got this! :muscle:t2::muscle:t2: It’ll all be worth it when you’re holding that baby!!

Shes right. Theres nothing she can give you and if there is, you probably shouldnt be taking it pregnant.

Sadly a lot of mothers go though this towards the end of their pregnancy

You may have developed bursitis. Make sure you are drinking plenty of water. Dehydration inflames it.

I am 24 weeks with my 3rd baby and i have serious hip pain 99% of the time the only relief i get is when my other half rubs my back/hips

Baby will “sit “ where they want , try a easy walk around the block to see if they shift

Yeah welcome to your 3rd trimester

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Try physical therapy… it helped me a ton! My left hip was off an inch from right and she adjusted it and feels a lot better. My doc suggested I go do it as well

Same here but with my second one I didn’t have this pain with my first but she is always hitting my hips when she moves and pubic bone it’s very painful at times

I’m exactly the same was referred to physio and still waiting to hear back :roll_eyes: I’m not 36+4

It is more than likely sciatic nerve pain…it’s pretty painful and normal during pregnancy. Trying using a heating pad on your hip & take a bath in epsom salt.

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I had this as well went away after delivery

When I was pregnant my hip and pelvis bones (or something) were separating. I’m pretty sure it’s called symphysis pubis dysfunction. It was awful. My doctor told me to use one of those pregnancy bands. After I gave birth I still had it for a long while. Ask your doctor if you could have that condition

I went to a chiropractor for my hips and low back! But make sure you go to one who is trained to work with pregnant women or have experience doing prenatal care… Mine was wonderful helped my pain so much!!! When it got to the point where the chiropractor wasn’t helping anymore though my Dr did give me some muscle relaxers that she said we’re safe to use Durning pregnancy, i only took them to help me sleep through the pain at night though

Sciatica is very common in expectant moms. A heating pad will help ease it some. You can try stretching exercises or sleeping with a pillow between your knees. That does help.


Can always see what another doctor’s opinion is.

Chiropractor i had the same pain i went to the chiro amd it was my sciatic they adjusted me and i walked out with no pain just sore from how long i let it go on pinched

I didn’t have this with my first but I’m 30+ weeks with my second & it’s becoming unbearable. I can’t sleep. Can’t sit for too long, or stand for too long etc

Spinal alignment might work

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This is my fourth and the pain just gets worse each time and its normal. It will go away after you have baby.

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I had the same pain for most of my pregnancy, I wore a belly support belt and went to a chiropractor and got prenatal massages. Worked wonders for me

I had so much hip and pelvic pain with my second I could barely walk, it was a difficult pregnancy to say the least. Just try and rest as much as you can and try sleeping with a pillow between your knees. Tylenol if you really need it.

Sleep with a very firm pillow between your knees.

I was told to sleep with a pillow between your legs at night.

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Sounds like sciatica. Painful, and at times debilitating. I’ve had problems with my sciatic nerve since my son, and it got worse with my daughter (had to have a shot in my hip to speed up lung production as she was threatening to come early, and the nurse hit the nerve :sob:). I used Arnica, it’s safe to use during pregnancy. Hopefully it’ll let up for you!
And definitely see a chiropractor or a massage therapist who is qualified to help pregnant women.

Its normal very normal, I’m 33 weeks and have literally the same problem, part of being pregnant

My guess would be round ligament pain. It hurts!!! And it’s exactly when you described getting out of bed, bending, any kind of a stretch. It would actually take my breath away sometimes. But it wasn’t a constant hurt, only when I would move certain ways. If it hurts all the time you might want to bring it up again. You know your body best. But this round ligament pains are a doozy!! Good luck and congrats on your baby boy

See another dr get a second oplnipn

I’ve also sciatic problems while pregnant. Mine wasn’t my hip though. For some reason it would happen mostly when I sat on the toilet lol!! It would go from my butt all the way down the back of my leg! It made going to bathroom a horrible experience. I would have to sit with my legs straight out on my son’s step stool lol. Other then that when I slept on my side for 9 months it takes a toll on your hips too. And I have 5 kids so by the 5th one everything was street he’d and everything hurt.

Sounds like a pinched nerve, belly support during the day and pillow between your legs at night.

Yes ser if anything is wrong

Go to a certified chiropractor! Find someone who is qualified to work on pregnant women.

I had this when I was pregnant it’s very common

I have had extreme pain somewhere at every point of this pregnancy and it’s my first as well. That said, a belly band has saved me and made everything way more bearable. I got one for $12, including shipping, off of the wish app. This thing works wonders!

Probably round ligament pain which is totally normal and sucks. Its your pelvis opening up for the labor.

I had SPD (basically my pelvis separated too much too early) and wasn’t able to even walk the last two months of my pregnancy.

But you’re right in the window for this to be the normal go of things.

I had hip pain around 22 weeks during my pregnancy. I started seeing a chiropractor.

Ice it
That’s what helped me

I had horrible back pain with my third child. I still do. God bless the boy, who turns 33 this fall. I would rather have the pain than not have him or any of the succeeding children.