What can I do for ligament pain while pregnant?

What can you do to help with ligament pain in the lower stomach region? I have brought it up to my OB who didn’t seem concerned in the slightest but I have been having so much pain that I have been walking hunched over and flat out refusing to move because it brings me to the edge of tears. I have also been having a ton of vaginal pressure which I had with my previous child, a boy. I am currently 21 weeks and 2 days with another boy due October the 2nd and this momma just needs a tiny bit of relief because doing the normal housework is just a huge chore but needs done with a 13 year old and 4 year old in the home otherwise the daunting list of things that need done will just take a toll on my mental health. All my family is either on the older side or physically disable so having that support is out of the question, I have very few friends (and the ones I do have wouldn’t help), and then my fiance works 12+ hours 5 days a week so by the time he gets home all he wants to do is prepare to sleep after spending a little time with me and the kids.

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Try seeing if your insurance will cover a belly band (google Airflow they are great company to order from)

I’m only 18 weeks pregnant and this is my third pregnancy, my insurance covered the belly band for me. I’ve only used it twice cause it’s gonna take some getting used to, but it does help. It supports the muscles being stretched out which is the cause of the pain.

If within your budget try finding a cleaner. Someone to come a couple hours every week or two, to give you a break.