What can I do for morning sickness?

Hi I just found out I’m 6 weeks pregnant. My morning sickness has gotten worse by the day. I can’t function with this morning sickness. What helps the nausea and vomiting?


I was prescibed “Zofran” ONLY thing that has helped me. I’m almost 8 weeks and was throwing up constantly!!

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Sea bands!!! Less than stylist but wonderful for morning sickness!!!

Candied ginger root. I got some on amazon.

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Sprite with a lemon :lemon: slice squeezed into it.

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Zofran causes severe birth defects and is only prescribed to people as a last resort. So exhaust all options first


If it gets serious maybe talk to your doctor about Hyperemesis Gravidarum

Do not take zofran until after 11 weeks! they have me on an alternate medication until I hit that mark. Also ginger ale, crackers and soup helps me

Warm (room temp) 7-up it was a life saver for me

Sour candy.
Anti nausea wrist bands from the pharmacy.
Diclectin but I found that I was still nausious but wasn’t able to puke atleast. Lok

Oh man… I was sick like that for 4 months…only able to have iced water and milk… but Zofran helps alot!!

My doctor prescribed phenergan.

Sounds weird, but with my first what helped me a lot was sucking on fruity/tart candies… like skittles. Peppermint made me even more nauseas.

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If you live where its legal I hate to say bc of all the hit back and the comments but marijuana helps alot also you will feel your baby move around more. All you do is like a joint or less a day.


I was prescribed onadastron and it worked. Maxallon didn’t work for me but I’ve heard it does for others

Milk is the only thing that has helped me so far.

I took zofran, doesnt work for everyone but girl it made me feel wwaaayy better!!
Also pickles, gatorade, apple juice. Eat blands foods, stuff that’s easy on your stomach.

Preggo pops! Walmart and target sell them! Also, lots of sleep! I had morning sickness throughout my whole pregnancy. Good luck!!

B12 & unisome or zofran or deciglis

going to the dr for zofran or phenergran

Ginger ale and Zofran worked for me

Peppermints and ginger candy got me through my first trimester this pregnancy! I eventually got a prescription of Diclegis though and it helped tremendously and didn’t make me drowsy

Ginger ale and crackers


Ask your doctor for diclectin worked wonders for me! I also tried ginger root capsules and they helped a little bit!!

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Toast/ bread. Absolutely do NOT drink a lot of fluid on an empty stomach. 9/10 chance you will puke it up. With my first I lost 20 pounds because of the nausea. I only gained it back in the last month.

EVERYONE has all different ways but me ask ur dr with all this medical change who the hell knows anymore. Babys were born health on my day but now nothing is right lord forbid if u open up with advice

Saltine crackers and ginger ale helped me. I had horrible morning sickness with my daughter and that’s the only thing that helped…

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Diclectin or soda crackers and a vitamin b6 complex

Depends. Can you eat?

Your doctor should give you a pill that’ll
Make it go away. It did me anyway

Seriously. Watermelon. The wonder fruit. Because when you throw IT back up it will be sweet an not that acid taste. Your doc can give you Reglan for nausea,(safe while pregnant) an you take it 10 min before you eat an your golden.i was great from 10 weeks an on with no nausea

B6 vitamin. I threw up maybe twice when I first got pregnant, and was completely fine after I started taking it. One in the morning with food, all good.

Had it bad with both mine my daughter had just let it run it course with my son doctor gave me nausea meds i had motion sickness with him to n every time i got in a car or a bus i had fight getting sick with him had keep minty gum on hand to help

Yes diclectin worked for me! Just need to remember to take it properly in order for it to work!

Peppermint worked for me.

Yes. Everyone is different. But with me I have found that eating Cheetos or pickles actually help.


:boom::exclamation:With the stomach flu going around, try this if your kiddos, spouse, relative, or you are throwing up. Get a can of fruit in heavy syrup (I suggest peaches, it’s what I’ve always used). Take a tablespoon of just the syrup every 15 minutes for an hour. If you get sick in between that hour, restart. This is a tip a nurse gave me while I was pregnant the first time. It literally was a life saver for all 3 pregnancies and any time my husband or I have had the stomach flu. My husband thought I was crazy the first time he got sick around me and was throwing up so often he started throwing up stomach acid and blood… He finally tried the peach syrup and literally didn’t get sick anymore. Feel free to pass this on cause a lot of people seem to be sick right now, it could help them a lot! Del Monte #peaches

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Preggie Pops have helped me immensely!!!

Go through it.
It wont be forever.
Dont take anything.

You have to keep the baby system clean.
Whatever you ingest the baby gets it , too.
Cracker, sips of water.

Nothing helped me, I had to get Zofran pills

Ice water and wintergreen mints.

Crackers while still horizontal in bed. Chewing gum can really help. I had a friend who literally had to eat breakfast by a certain time or she was sick all day. If you are miserable there are safe anti nausea medications your doctor can prescribe

I took unisom! Put me right to sleep and the nausea was gone :blue_heart:

With my first born I was sick for the first 6 months and zofran and phenergan helped. With this one I am now 16 weeks and had severe morning sickness (all day) and nothing helped. Thankfully it is all gone. I had a boy the first time. Dont know the gender yet of this one

Ginger, blueberries, peppermint. 7uo better than Sprite. Ginger ale. Soda crackers dry toast me lemon water.

I tried everything… nothing helped. Hope you will find something that will help.

I usually eat some kind of crackers (ritz, goldfish, saltines) right when I wake up or if my morning sickness got to bad.

Fruit, mint gum and I always kept a thing of saltine crackers and ginger ale next to my bed.

Honestly, the only thing that helped me was medicine.
I lost 15 pounds the first trimester because I was disgustingly nauseous all the time

Ginger, Sprite, saltine crackers. I’ve also heard that squeezing fresh lemon into a glass of water helps with nausea.

Peppermint tea helped me

Ginger ale and altoids

Pepcid chewable tablets lots if crackers

Maybe nibble on some saltines, sip ginger ale (not cold) and peppermint helps

I ended up having to be prescribed dyclegis for my morning sickness. Talk to your ob

I had to get med, nausea pills

Only thing that helped me was weed

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Let a coke sit out and get flat then drink it. It helped me

Peppermint, ginger anything helped me. Tea, ginger ale, or if it gets unbearable ask doctor for prescrip.

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Try a table spoon off Tin peaches every half hour just the juice from the peaches.

The dr can give you diclectin! Also don’t drink and eat at the same time. GiVe it 30mins apart . I suffered from hyperemesis gravidarum well pregnant it was hell

Sea bands, peppermint candies, saltines. If it gets too bad talk to your dr. About it

Had it horrible all 9 months with my 4, pregnant with #5 and once again Zofran is my best friend

Ritz crackers…and Preggo Pops


Had hyperemis and not the oh poor me I don’t feel well kind. I had it where I pushed and pushed to take care of my daughter (who was a toddler) to the point I developed metabolic acidosis and caused heart damage was is icu for a week and almost died… So I guess if you TRUELY can’t push through like I tried to, it’s serious and you need to be checked out. It’s definitely not taken seriously until you are quite literally dying. It’s sad but true.


Crackers and a beer! Good German advice

Ima be honest. I was so sick when I was pregnant, the slightest movement made me vomit and nothing helped. I couldn’t keep anything down pretty much the whole time. I can not relate to the people who say they enjoyed their pregnancy because lord knows I didn’t. The only part I loved, is when I felt my son move. I never gained any weight, I actually lost 15 pounds. Nothing helped. Nothing. Good luck. :grimacing::grimacing:

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Ginger beer, constantly snack on dry crackers.

Preggy pops are great n eat saline crackers n stay hydrated I’m on my 2nd boy n omg the morning sickness was so bad!

Crackers and salt prunes

Tigan suppositories ask your doctor!!! Works miracles!!!

Nothing helped me whatsoever i gope tou find somwthing to stop it or at least slow it down its horrible i wonder if youee having a giel bevause im pregnanr now again wirh a boy and am not expeeiencing all this extreme morning sickness whole day sickness really lol

Mine was citrus flavored trident

I had to make sure that I NEVER let my stomach get completely empty. I would have to set an alarm in the middle of the night to wake up and eat a few crackers and take a few sips of water and go back to bed. I also had to nibble on a few crackers as soon as I woke up in the morning before I even moved an inch out of bed, that’s if I didn’t wake up running to the toilet to puke! That early on crackers and sips of ginger ale all day saved me until I started to want to actually eat something. Since I still had trouble keeping food down even doing that, anything I craved I ate. I didn’t care what it was as long as I was eating something because I lost like 8lbs and that worried me. Eventually it passed for me but not every mom is so lucky. Definitely talk to your Dr, they may suggest vitamin b6 and unisom to try first before they prescribe something for the sickness depending on how bad it already is for you. I hope you can get some relief soon!