What can I do for morning sickness?

Hey mommas! i need some help.
Im 10 weeks pregnant my first pregnancy and my morning sickness is out of control!!! i eat anything! i throw it up i drink Anything i throw it up. I throw up untill my stomach is completely empty and then i dry heave like crazy! ive tryed everything the doctor recommended! like vitamin b6, peppermint ginger, prenatals, and ive also tryed small meal and snack throughout the days but i just end uo throwing everything up and i also woke up with a really bad sore throat ! please help!!


Same exact thing happened to me to the point I had to go to the hospital for dehydration:/ they gave me Zofran in pill form and I couldn’t keep that down so then they gave me the dissolving one and that helped so much but I puked up until 7 month mark basically my whole pregnancy and I lost weight rather than gain :confused: I only gained about 15 pounds

Your doctor should be able to give you zofran…it was a lifesaver for all 3 of my pregnancies. I had morning sickness like this.

You need to take your prenatals no matter what, they aren’t to stop you from throwing up.

Zofran doesn’t always work. Even in dissolving form, trust me.

The dissolvable pills really worked for me and eating before getting out of bed I either had nutrigrain bars by my bed or would have my boy friend go get me toast or crackers and not moving to quickly when first waking up

Zofran is the only thing that saved me

They have morning sickness medicine. I had to take those with my first. My doctor prescribed them because it was so bad, but I had to ask for them. I also slept with saltine crackers and room temperature 7Up next to my bed.
My last pregnancy was bad also, but I sucked on those morning sickness pops. They’re like lollipops, they also have them as hard candies. Last time I saw them was at Target in the section where they have the pregnancy tests.
Good luck.

Zofran pump, such a life saver. Your Obgyn will have to right it out like a prescription to your health insurance but it’s the best thing to get through those tough days, hope something helps relieve it! Hang in there momma :heart::heart:

I lost 25 pounds in my first trimester hypermesis gravidium id go get hooked up to an IV an have them prescribe you some antinauseas I couldn’t keep down prenatals so I take folic acid, an some other vitamins per doctors orders im almost 35 weeks an still get sick 2-4 mornings a week

They had to admit me to the hospital before mine got better prayers

I got sick like that. I could not take prenatal vitamins because they made me sick. Eggs before bed saved me.

Zofran is a life saver

I was miserable w/ my 3rd pregnancy, my doctor had to prescribe about 3 different nausea meds before we found one that helped. It didn’t help 110% but still made a big difference!

I’m bout to be 6 months and I still throw up :anguished::anguished: I’m on medication but I constantly dont take them because they make me get huge headeches and my nauseas get worst

CBD oil and it’s perfectly legal in all states 🤷

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There are different dosages of Zofran too, I started out with 4mg and eventually had to up it to 8mg, I think it comes in 16mg too.

Try gingerale,soda crackers.gatorale.lime popsicles.

I got prescribed with Ondansetron and it helped with the nausea so much but the side affect of constipation caused so many worse problems for me. I’m 14 weeks and I stopped taking all medication and prenatals and I have found no relief :frowning: good luck dear

A lot of times Prenatal vitamins are the cause I never was able to take them . Crackers with a sip of sprite But Zofran will probably be your best friend for a while … good luck

I was diagnosed with hyperemesis gravidarum. Pretty much everything you described everyday all day till baby was born it sucked. My first pregnancy too lol made not want to get pregnant anytime soon lol good luck feel better

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Take unisom AND b6 every night before bed…I bet you’ll see a difference

diclectin is helping me, 1 for breakfast & lunch then 2 before bed.

Acupuncture helped me!

I was the same way in my first pregnancy, I ate tuna like candy. Whenever I felt nauseous I would pop one or two and it would go away. Good luck momma!!!

Smell fresh garlic… it’s a Mexican thing but it works

Sour candy! Pop one in first thing in the morning. Or one small sip of ginger ale.


Have you tried crackers or ice cream? Oyster crackers were my best friend

The sore throat is obviously from the stomach acid.

Puking up bile was the worst :nauseated_face: nothing helped me but it went away around 13/14 weeks

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Prenatals made me way way more sick! I would have to make sure I ate and could hold that down for a while before I ever even tried to take my pills and on the days I truly couldn’t hold anything down I wouldn’t take them. And I know every doc is different so idk for sure but mine was super super concerned about me dry heaving. They said it can cause you to miscarry sometimes. It only happened so many times to that extent but I would talk to yours if your getting like that a lot. Good luck and I know this sucks but you’ll get through it.

Ask your dr for nausea meds

Zofran. Watch eating greasy foods. I had to eat fruit but mainly cause I have girls so that’s what I craved but it helped a shit ton. Crackers are a life saver. But fr ask for zofran.

Some pregnancies will just give you a lot of morning sickness… For now I’d just eat foods that won’t hurt when they come back up. Mashed potatoes, apple sauce, jello, smoothies, soup :woman_shrugging:t2:

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I was the same way in my first pregnancy, I ate tums like candy. Whenever I felt nauseous I would pop one or two and it would go away. Good luck momma!!!

Smell a rubbing alcohol pad. I know it sounds dumb but it really works. The hospitals do it for extreme nausea.

I was told by the hospital to smell alcohol swabs/pads when I felt nauseous and it went away immediately

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Talk to your doctor about getting either Phenergan or Zofran for nausea. I had it that bad too and the only thing that helped were the specific nausea medicines. If you loose more than 5 pounds, get in to see your doc right away. Even if water doesnt sound good, try to drink some. Also, freezing Gatorade in ice trays so you can suck on them can help with dehydration and electrolytes. Best of luck! It should get better in about a month.

I had to take prenatals with no iron the iron made me puke. I still had morning sickness but using the prenatals without iron helped ease it a bit.

My Dr. prescribed me promethazine…

Figure out what doesn’t hurt so bad on the way back up :disappointed:. Try carnation breakfast packets if you can stand the milk. Hard candy, anything. Just keep trying and STAY HYDRATED, even if you throw it up! I was like this the entire time with all 3 pregnancies, and it’s horrible, but stay hydrated even if you never eat!

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Diclegis worked wonders for me!

Sounds like it may be the same thing Amy Shumer is going through with her pregnancy. Constant throwing up. Sounds great. Not. Maybe if u search her name it’ll come up with her diagnosis.

Ask ur doctor for nausea medicine thats the only thing that helped me

I had it bad both pregnancy’s couldn’t eat anything I had to be on zofran and take it as soon as I woke up if I didn’t have any it was horrible I even puked bad during labor and before the zofran I tried peppermints,ímetrol and so on might be worth it to ask your doctor about a nausea medicine

The only thing I could eat was apple slices and strawberries and I learned not to drink water right away when I first woke up! it was a rough three months but morning sickness eventually goes away. You can do it! :blush:

Evalani Brix maybe some of these comments may be able to help you out as well…

Try sipping pickle juice. Helped wonders with my last one.

Unisom before bed was my saving grace with morning sickness

Have you tried polos mini cheddars or a few sips of milk…they worked for me. X but that was 7 years ago

Probably a boy then :joy: i was the same way for the first 5 months of my last pregnancy. Unfortunately there is no cure all, just have to try different stuff and see what helps for you, for me it was popsicles and pretzels. This too shall pass, you got this momma!

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This is gonna sound totally weird but I swear by it. Try sucking on jolly ranchers all day

I went through this with second for months with the third for about a month. It will oass. But you can talk to your doc to see if they can give you something

Mine was like that. Ask them about anti nausea medicine

I had the same problem with my second kid, I was sick the whole pregnancy, 39 weeks! My doctor eventually gave me medicine for nausea after I ended up in the hospital for dehydration, but my advice is drink drink drink…gartorade, water, anything, toast, crackers, the Brat diet… bananas rice applesauce, toast…good luck momma…hopefully it will get better!

I know this isnt what you want to hear but I had terrible morning sickness with my first the entire time nothing worked at all. But waffles with syrup isnt terrible coming back up. :woman_shrugging::joy:

Sounds like hyperemesis gravadarium that’s what they diagnosed me with this time. Ask for nausea meds best I’ve found and it’ll give you an appetite is phenerghan suspositories best way because you’ll throw the pill up too and zofran can cause serious migraines

I’m 26 weeks tomorrow and my morning sickness is just like yours. My prenatals honestly make them work and I haven’t really found anything to help with mine either beside preggie pops

Thankfully I’ve never had morning sickness all through my three pregnancies…but it sounds scary

Be careful what you take my dr. Gave me nausea med. I didn’t like the taste of so didn’t take much of it and it turn out to cause birth defects of course that was several years ago what helped me the most was dry crackers. Before I got out of the bed of the morning