What can I do for morning sickness?

This might seem like an odd question or maybe kind of gross, but I was wondering. I’m pregnant with my first baby and even at 23 weeks pregnant I still have morning sickness. I don’t think that’s going away anytime soon. Anyway I throw up usually every morning, but I have to sit on the toilet to do so and throw up in whatever’s closest to me. Bathtub and what not. If I don’t make it to the bathroom I end up peeing myself (even if I just went pee) is this pretty normal? I never had this problem until I got pregnant.


I’m 38 weeks with my 3rd and still have morning sickness just like I did the whole time with my other two. I take 1 zofran before bed every night and it helps so much

My normal was sitting on the toilet and picking into the sink. Bladder control while pregnant is next to impossible

And the peeing thing is normal. Vomiting is very forceful like hard coughing. Bladder control is hard with a baby in there

I do this even when I’m not pregnant. After 2 kids (pregnant with my 3rd) my bladder is shot.
I’m not sure how “normal” it is but it definitely happens to me!

i would say it’s normal, i had morning sickness so bad and would throw up so hard that every single time i got sick i peed all over myself no matter where i was. in the car, bathtub, in the floor, in the bed…

Welcome to mom bladder hun! It probably won’t go away even after you have your baby lol. My son is 5 1/2 and I sometimes have to cross my legs whenever I sneeze, cough, laugh too hard, etc :woman_facepalming:t2::woman_shrugging:t2: I’ll never make fun of my mother again :joy: also about the morning sickness, some women have it until the day they give birth sadly… try putting some Gatorade in an ice cube tray, freeze it and suck on the cubes throughout the day, I heard it can help ease your nausea. I never had morning sickness myself but it can’t be pleasant :confused:

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Well i was still throwing up in week 20 found out i had high blood pressure and protien in my urine got preeclampsia be careful momma my baby came at 32 weeks

Yes it’s normal went through this eith all three of my children, doing Kegels exercise, helps tighten them muscles, !!

Yea sounds about right

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I’m sorry you are dealing with this. I would be tempted to pee in a waste basket and vomit in the toilet - but that’s just me, I don’t handle vomit very well :slight_smile:

And the peeing never gets better even after baby comes i still sneeze and tinkle


Girl yes! 100% normal. I’m 20 weeks and have been sick the whole pregnancy. I puke and pee myself on a regular basis. Lol shoot, i now pee when I sneeze​:joy: Maybe just have a couple old ice cream buckets set next to your toilet so you dont have to puke in the tub or pee while youre puking in the toilet. I take Diclegis before bed and 1st thing in the morning and i still end up feeling nauseous and sometimes puking even on these meds. The joys of pregnancy :blush:

I am pregnant with baby 5 and I always had to pee when puking. I kept throw away cups in the bathrooms so that I could puke in the cup and pee on the toilet at the same time. After I was done I cleaned the cup and tossed it.

Yes!! U de anytime u do anything lol my fiancé gave me all kinds of nicknames. I coughed peed, sneezed peed, laughed peed, I had hyperemesis gavirdam idk if I spelled that right (non stop puking till baby came) soooo I did n washed undies a lot till I just bought pads for that sorta thing… it sux

I’m glad I only had morning sickness like for a month or so in the first stage of my pregnancy. Yikes I hate vomiting :face_vomiting:
I hope your morning sickness does go away momma!

I have 5 kids it’s normal.

Try eating some crackers in the middle of the night. Or anything in general, usually. I used to eake up 4 or 5 hours after going to bed ravenous, and on the days i didn’t get up to eat I would be sick that morning.

With this pregnancy I made sure to eat a lot more, about every 3 to 4 hours (even if its just a sandwich or peanut butter and crackers) and the morning sickness was pretty much gotten rid of completely.

And eat before you drink something in the morning. Water/fluid sets off my nausea really bad if I drink it before I have eaten something.

Man I had to throw up in a trash can while sitting on the toilet for months because throwing up made me pee everywhere. Three kids later it still was the same. Only difference is my first pregnancy was a girl and I was throwing up the entire 9 months. My two sons I only threw up the first 4-5 months. Hang in there honey!

Yep and it doesn’t stop after baby comes either. Just another juicy tidbit no one tells us about pregnancy and motherhood


My experience is morning sickness is usually the worst in first trimester but every pregnancy is different. I hope it gets better for you :heart:

Get used to peeing yourself
It’s not going away ever again.


It’s normal. I used to play Russian roulette when the sickness hit throw up then quick sit to pre and hope to GOD I would finish peeing before the next round of puke came. It gets better when the sickness eases.

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It was for me. I always had to take extra scrubs to work because I peed every time I threw up when I was pregnant with my son

I puked my entire pregnancy both times, and I will tell you as you get further along the peeing doesnt get better lmao. I would suggest for the rest of your day wearing a pad or buy some incontinence pads to wear, so that even if you do have an accident you only have to change the pad not your whole outfit. Also try to narrow down which foods make you feel sick and avoid, and eat small frequent meals.

My daughter turns 2 tomorrow and it still happens to me. Not to metion when you laugh to hard or sneeze or cough… And it doesnt matter how many downstairs Exercises you do lol

Yes it’s normal. Too much of it and I would talk to my doctor about it. Your muscles are being stretched and used in ways that they never have before, so sometimes you don’t have control. After I had my first when I felt like I would need to pee, id end up peeing all over myself before I could make it to he bathroom. I had to wear pads until my boy got back in sync

Girl my youngest is 3 year old and I still pee myself just by coughing or sneezing. Your vaginal canal is making ready to deliver a baby in 4 months so its not as tight down there to keep it from coming out. Perfectly fine <3 <3

Normal…even after birth whenever you cough or sneeze. Do your kegels!

I had four kids and I had some nausea but not much and I never had any issues with the peeing I guess I was just lucky

Yup, if you can, wear a pad lol.

It’s normal sweetie it sucks but it’s normal

Ever since my second pregnancy, I pee when I puke
Every single time
I would rather clean pee off the floor than puke off everything tbh lol

Yep it’s normal. One of the lovely things they don’t tell you. I’m pregnant with #2 and have peed myself from the baby kicking my bladder. Fun times…

Its normal. Panty liners are life…haha

Ever since my second pregnancy, I pee when I puke
Every single time
I would rather clean pee off the floor than puke off everything tbh lol

Your bladder will never be the same… any more than 3 sneezes and you pee. Jump on a trampoline and you pee. Yay for mommy hood, lol! Wear a panty liner or they have pads just for leaking, check into those.


It happened to me too. I would bring it up to your OB just to make sure you didn’t miss anything - but lots of people experience symptoms like what you’re describing.
Good luck through the rest of your pregnancy :cherry_blossom:

Yep thats normal… Wait until you push that baby out you will cross your legs just to sneeze lol…

Girl I peed myself most days while preggo. That’s totally fine lol
The only throwing up, not so much.

Kegel exercises, start doing them now, and then do them postpartum

Haha normal
It might go on til your due gorl sorry to tell ya

Get ready to pee yourself forever now. :joy:

Yes it is normal. I experienced this threw out my entire pregnancy with my daughter.

So normal for me anyway. I throw up and pee on my self pretty frequently

Relax, the outcome will be awesome!