What can I do for my constipation?

I am struggling to poop these days and really need advice. Doctors fine nothing wrong…I drink 90oz of water a day, eat tons of fiber filled veggies and even take fiber supplements…idk what to do anymore


Cut down on the fiber. Maybe drink a coffee. If that doesn’t help. You can take a gentle ease. You take it at night. Should be able to go the next morning.

Don’t go too long without going. You can get sick.

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Fiber can also create a bulky stool. Which can make constipation worse. I would highly suggest some sort of magnesium. And maybe some watermelon.


Take a magnesium supplement.

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Fruit has always been my go to, especially pineapples. Also juice like prune juice, cranberry juice or even orange juice.

Movicol you can buy it over the counter at the chemist you can take it up to 3 times a day to get you going regularly, and then cut it back, it’s a powder sachet, don’t get the chocolate one, IT DOES NOT TASTE LIKE CHOCOLATE ! :rofl: the plain one has no taste and you can put in water juice or what ever
I’ve also found that 2-4 prunes a day and sultana bran each morning to help ALOT

Take a durkalax 2 if your really bad that will get you going take it when you go to bed morning you will go


Drink Sam Smiths Beer. Booooom.

Your now deliverd from Constipation in Jesus mighty name :pray: Be sure to thank Jesus for your deleverance and miracle healing :pray:


Go to KFC. Order a 2 piece meal with mashed potatoes, gravy, and coleslaw. Works every time.


Prune juice in the morning

Stool softener pills work well… coffee definitely helps, especially followed by a glass of ice water! But ultimately what certainly helps is walking. A couple of 15-20 min walks per day is great help and overall terrific for general health!

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Stop eating yeast. It made a huge difference to me.

Eating too much fiber can make you constipated. try curing dairy and rice out of your diet as well. Drink coffee, prune juice, blueberries, try a stool softener to get things going.

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Rub a drop of castor oil in your belly button… I promise you, you will go within 24 hrs…

I get the fleet suppositories :woman_shrugging:

Magnesium citrate, vitamin D, vitamin tablets daily. Could have a vitamin deficiency.

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Magnesium citrate. It’s like 1.50 at Walmart. Walgreens, etc. It works GREAT but don’t plan on anything outside of your home for the day.

I add Miralax to my morning coffee. It takes a while for it to work. Once I start going I add it every other day. You can adjust it according to your body.

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Check You Tube for the lower body exercise to help relieve constipation. Sounds strange but it works.
I hope you find comfort quickly.

Squatty potty. There’s also exercises on YouTube to help stimulate those lower body functions.

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Whenever I have a problem, I use miralax and it works great for me :wink::thinking:

I go 1 time a week if I am lucky some times less than that. I have trieall of the over the çòuñter remedy there is & I have tried prescribed meds, on those I get exploding poops. I just live with it. It is the side effect to most of my meds

to much dairy can cause constipation so cut back on dairys

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Sounds super silly, but drink a 20 oz coke cola. Not the fake stuff , true cokecola

Google constipation cookies, made with coconut oil, lemon juice, honey and Himalayan salt. Helps with the process…my granddaughter using them.

Make a smoothie 1 carrot papaya 1 banana oatmeal I put lil vanilla in mine don’t add sugar the banana is sweet it will sweetin the smoothie put in blender and drink it’s a natural exlax if you want look it up papaya is helps you use the bathroom just like banana

Just drink prune juice. Nasty but works.

I think it’s called magnesium citrate… They use it for colonoscopy prep. It’ll make ya poop your brains out

Well… Your body has become dependent on what you do take to have a BM. And taking more could create a bigger problem. Try natural things… Prunes. Prune juice. Apples juice. Coffee. Dr. Pepper. If you actually do get backed up take milk of mag and warm prune juice. I only go once a week now that I’m older. Used to be everyday. Things change when ya get older.

Magnesium tablets help take at night with water

Flaxseed oil capsule daily

Drink coffee in the morning. Try walking also.

Are you seeing specialis gastroenterlogist? If not then make an appointment with one.

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Liquid parafin from chemist

Smooth move tea it’s in a purple box

That’s alot of water I think!

Cross your legs when you try to go

Oh and too much fibre will cause huge issues so stop taking fibre supplements!

I don’t poop for weeks at a time it’s terrible you can buy miralax over the counter drink some every day

When you say the doctors can find nothing wrong I’m assuming you have had a colonoscopy done? If not I would absolutely not stop pushing until they got you in for one.

Drink a warm glass of salt water. Stay home cause it will be coming shortly

I eat two kiwis a day and drink kefir and so far has been working

I give my little ones blueberries, works straight away. Pure orange, change of diet? Coffee? Dark Chocolate?