What can I do for my daughters athletes foot?

HELP!!! My daughter has now had athletes foot for 4 weeks, we have tried two different prescription medicines, and she still has it… I wash her feet morning and night… dry them thoroughly with a paper towel, apply the cream and then put on new socks … this is 2x a day … why isn’t it going away? This is extremely difficult to deal with on a two 1/2-year-old, and she also gave it to me :sob: , plus I have a six-month-old that I am nursing! We have been to the pediatrician 2xs and the foot dr 2xs … I can’t take it anymore! Please give me all the advice you have. My six-month old’s Christening is on Oct. 25th, and I would like to not have to think about this by then.:sob::sob::sob::sob:


Equal amounts…bacitracin…cortizone and anti fungal cream…mix in small jar…apply 3xdaily…worked for my daughter and my nephew when they were about 2 yrs old…pharmacist said it works on diaper rash also😁 Good luck…

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Try an anti fungal. As frustrating as it is, go back to her regular doctor and tell them neither medication has worked. They can biopsy it and find out exactly what it is so they can give the proper treatment.

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It’s going to take a long time to go away.
Google suggests many methods to heal this, so id do some looking up and try the ones that are safe for the age.
Wash the areas well with antibacterial soap, dry very well, try powders if need be but generously use the ointments then the big thing: Air the feet!!
This is a moisture fungus, so airing out is a huge must!

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I was told a long time ago that you soak feet in Listerine.sorry not sure the mix or if this works.I remember seeing it written somewhere years ago

With a child I’m not sure, but with myself, I usually put baby powder in my sock and shoe and it’ll go away within a week or so

Soak hur feet in white vinegar warm water


Jock itch spray works

When she is wearing shoes put her in clean 100% cotton socks that are white with new shoes, spray the shoes down at night with anti-fungal spray like what they use in bowling alley rental shoes. Never use second hand shoes, on you or the child. Also get checked for medical conditions such as diabetes, as a diabetic I tend to get fungal infections like athletes foot, and yeast infections when my sugars are bad.

This my sound funny but Vick’s Vapor rub . Rub feet well and then put socks on twice a day. You will see a difference in 3 to 5 days.


Apple cider vinegar and tea tree oil

Lume Deodorant you can’t go wrong. Also buy her cotton socks not the cheap spandex/nylon ones those make everyone’s feet smell.

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Any anti foot fungle cream should work plus bleach bottom on shoeers/baths aswell to kill the bacteria so it doesn’t spread

:joy: just pee on your feet… I just wanted to give off the wall responses too.


Use vics Vapor Rub it will definitely clear it up

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Half a cup of brown vinegar in some water will do it

Remember to make sure everyone that’s using the same bathtub/shower is also being treated and you’re cleaning it down with bleach in between each person. It is that contagious. Otherwise it won’t go away and/or you’ll keep passing it around in your family.

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Don’t put socks on her and get some lotrimin or clotrimazole. Keep her feet dry and clean.

Cream and air! Only wash at night. You need time for the bacteria to build up. At bight the cream will sit longer. You are over washing.

Also. Just plain baking soda

No socks no shoes see how that goes keep her inside and try that Vicks

So you also need source control, thoroughly washing your tub and shower daily using thick bleach. A 2.5yr old shouldn’t be having athletes foot, it’s a disease commonly found in communal bathrooms. Feet fungi infections take long to completely clear, she might need systemic antifungal tablets for at least 6weeks.

Make sure she’s wearing socks that are %100 cotton and soak her feet in Epsom salts. You can also try yeast infection cream (yes, you read that right). As a professional nail technician for the last 10 years, I have seen this remedy work when the prescription stuff doesn’t quite often. I first learned this from a podiatrist, and a dermatologist confirmed it was good advice. Good luck!


Make sure you change her shoes out to bc it wnt do any good to cure it and her keep wearing the same shoes. I used to get it all the time when I was younger. I learned to enjoy flip flops instead of closed shoes. The more her feet stay out of closed shoes the better! If she at home dnt keep shoes on her if you go out put Sandals on her if it’s not to cold. Even if it’s chilli you can do socks with sandals.


Might sound unconventional but when I get it I use Vicks vapor rub on it. And straight alcohol best you can do also is let the feet air out as much as possible with no socks


S pi aka feet in warm water with Epsom salt and apple cider vinegar

You might think I’m crazy but my dad sent this to me when I got athletes foot while in the military. It worked for me.

Tea tree body wash use on her feet. It works i have 5 boys and my husbands work boots trust me it works if you use it daily. We get it on Amazon.

Wash the shoes, dry well & daily need to spray shows w tinnanctin. Dial soap. May need to go barefoot to let air out feet some. Call pediatrician

Use Johnson’s and Johnson’s with cornstarch I get it up here on Greenfield Road at Dollar general works wonders for me and my son and we have stinky feet

It’s the cream . Yeast needs wet to grow . Stop the cream . Go to vinager . Soak every night . Don’t wash it . Pat dry. Use jock powder or


Use dial soap on her feet. It is antibacterial.

Talk to an old Vet and they’ll tell you to piss on your feet 🤷

also maybe still in shower so maybe where thongs in shower i do especially when goong to public pools if you use the showers i leave mu thongs on

No socks or shoes. Use sandals only.continue to use prescription medicine

No cotton socks. Nylon/ polyester. Don’t let her sleep in socks so her feet can dry out.

Always wear white stockings. There’s something about color. Stockings will make it worst.

Tea tree oil. Dilute it with coconut oil. I use this for all sorts of funky crap on my kids… it’s naturally antifungal.

Dorm basics - shower shoes.
Lice basics - no sharing.
Pandemic basics - clean the ever living life out of everything that is shared.
I would even go as far as throwing away ALL the socks you have for child and buying new, wash their clothes separately.

A couple years we had lice for a freaking month it wouldn’t go away. Now there is no sharing pillows, blankets brushes etc.

Stop wearing socks! Let your feet get some air time it makes a big difference. Make sure you’re washing your shower very well, any carpets/flooring that you two walk on is getting sanitized & cleaned daily. But letting feet air out is a big one. With socks your feet are staying moist from sweat & keeping the fungus there. New shoes, socks for both of you as well.

Stop wearing socks 24/7 and give your feet some breathing time

Epsom salt soaks as well or simply pee in them i know its gross but it works

She pee on her foot and will get rid of it

Soak feet in the gold listening for about 10-15 minutes in the evening for a couple of weeks. Should start seeing some improvements after like week or two. Do NOT use any perfumed creams. Also you can soak- wash thoroughly with aveeno wash/ soap.

All the medications in the world won’t do anything if you’re still wearing the same socks and shoes.

You need to soak her socks in bleach water then wash with a bunch of other whites. (Hopefully her socks are white- otherwise buy some) bleach will kill it. When I went to dr for it when I was young this was his advice and it helped immensely. As an adult in my 30’s I still occasionally bleach my socks. If you don’t you are putting this fungus infested socks back on her feet and it won’t clear up.

Put baking soda in shoes- shake it up in there. Leave overnight- dump it out. Kills moisture in shoes, deodorizes, kills bacteria

Sallys do you have one there? Sally Hansen toe fungus it comes in a brown bottle its like nail polish but its oils she applies and then wear socks to bed repeat for about 2 weeks… ta da all gone

Recipe for listerine foot soak

Call a dermatologist they can scrape a flake off and look at it under a microscope and get you the right medicine for it. Best thing we ever did.

Have you tried baking soda? I used to have bad athletes foot think I still do but I usually leave baking soda in my shoes over night and in the morning before I wear them throw the banking soda into another set of shoes and wear them. I noticed they don’t smell anymore

Worth a shot and its cheap lol

I spray colidial silver (sp) on my sons feet.

Blue star works well

Remove sugar and yeast from her diet.