What can I do for my daughters cough at night?

Ok mamas,please send all the ways I can help my 4 year old with cough especially at night! No sleep last night, tried Hylands but didn’t help much at all.


Puts Vick’s vapor rub on the bottom of her feet and then a pair of socks. It works!


Pineapple juice!! I tried it last time I was sick and it worked wonders!!

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My top go to @ home remedies:

Delsyum Cough Medicine (they have a kid version)

Steam shower


Prop them up with pillows so they aren’t sleeping flat.

Use Vicks Vaporub at bedtime (they also have a baby/kid version) to rub onto the soles of their feet. Cover with socks.

If it lasts longer than a few days or seems to be getting worse, don’t hesitate to visit your doctor. Some things require stronger medicine.


Cut an onion and put it beside her bed. This works. I’ve used it for all my children

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Vics on her feet and cover with socks


Vicks vapor rub on the bottom of her feet, then cover with socks.

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Cut an onion and put it in a sock by her bed.

Sometimes antihistamines work, sleep on 2 pillows aswell and on there side might help x

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Another pillow so she isnt flat and sat up a little

I use Botanicals night time for my daughter, it has a lot of natural things in it

Hang eucalyptus in the shower and let them sit in the steam before bed.

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A humidifier next to their bed


That depends, what’s causing her cough?

I bought Happy Noz patch for my kids. Can be bought sa shopee

Leave some garlic to ferment in honey for a few days, then give a tablespoon of honey either direct, or mixed into tea every couple hours

I just sent her Jesus Medication. :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: Amene

Is she sick or does she cough at night. If she’s not sick and coughing at night check your house for mold and have her assessed for asthma

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What’s causing the cough? If it’s a dry cough, obviously humidifier would work. If she’s sick, then maybe a little bit stronger of a medication plus humidifier.

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Bronchostop cough medicine for kids…Its great and natural

Cool mist humidifier, Vicks on feet and a little on chest, warm steamy shower…I sprinkle Vicks shower beads in. Not laying flat if possible.

Potato peels on soles of feet with sock on over peels