What can I do for my hair loss?

Post partum hair loss! I am 5 months post partum since having my son and my hair loss is insane! Any of y’all know of products that can help encourage growth?!? I’m so insecure about my hair since losing a lot. It’s super thin in the front where I cant hide the loss any more.


Biotin gummies from nature’s bounty. The price is right and they taste great.
Really helpful for my hair skin and nails

My hair was falling out due to stress daughter suggested prenatal being it worked on her been doing that and with great results.

Try collagen powder. You can add it to fruit juice, tea, coffee etc


Niocin or Nexxus shampoo is really good. I’ve been alternating both and have seen good results. I also take biotin.

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Biotin or prenatal vitamins


My mom has been having this issue and she’s been using a serum made with rosemary oil. The rosemary oil helps regrow hair naturally and its working for her really well. You can buy it on Amazon

Folic acid promotes hair growth and strength, also don’t wash your hair every day, use a deep conditioner twice per week.

Nioxin. I swear by this stuff, lil pricey but def see results!

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I was missing about half my hair and was thinking about getting a wig. A blood test showed I was way low in B12.
Look up B12 and hair health.
I started using liquid B12 and my hair started growing back!!!
Blood test showed I went from below the normal levels to above the normal level!!!


Get your hormones & thyroid checked, make sure this isn’t due to a medical condition first, then work on other methods, if not health related.


I’ve found nothing that helps.


Take biotin and stop washing your hair daily . Do amika and coconut oil treatments. Let hair air dry until the end don’t use excessive heat

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This is still on going…shampoo causing hair loss Redirecting...

Apply onion juice plus eggs plus yoghurt do this twice a week and u will notice big difference soon InshAllah

Gelatin is good for hair & nails: bone broth, Jell-O, for example.

Someone told me that when you’re pregnant your hair doesn’t release itself. Like you don’t shed unless it’s pulled out.
So once you have baby you’re shedding alll the natural shed you would’ve in your 9 months of pregnancy

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Get your thyroid checked. I lost a ton of hair and found out I developed Hashimotos after baby #3

You lose a lot of hair a day. If its allot go to the doc. Could mean loan hormones

Use Nioxin shampoo and conditioner