What can I do for my husbands snoring?

So besides a sleep study, what can I do to help my husbands snoring? I know how important a rep study is so please do t explain that to me. I’ve been begging for yrs for him to get one done, but now even if he would he has to wait until his 90 days are up at work. He works nights so missing to have the study done isn’t a option right now.

following. im the one who snores . its a curse knowing you ruin other people’s sleep and peace;( i wish there was something that stops it. im working on losing weight now and strips seem to help a bit.

Mouth guard helps my hubby and earplugs help me

A cpap machine would probably help

Sleep studies can be done during the day, at his normal sleep schedule time.

Breathe Right extra strength nose strips are awesome! I’m the snorer and my husband said since I started using them, I barely make any noise.