What can I do for my irregular cycles?

I have extremely irregular cycles normally, about 2 month cycles. I’m wanting to have my first baby. I had an exceedingly heavy period at the end of November. I had a tiny bit of spotting 2 weeks ago and I think I just ended my period today but it only lasted 2 days and was extremely light. Is this a normal thing? I’m almost 23 and have had irregular cycles since I hit puberty. I am hoping nothing serious is wrong.

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If you are always irregular, nobody can tell you what’s normal unfortunately.

Have your thyroid checked. My periods are HORRIBLY irregular, since puberty, like go eight months without one, then be normal for a couple cycles, then go six months without it, etc…

I’ve always been irregular…and have 3 kiddos :slight_smile:

Go see an OB with your concerns. And I’ve been irregular my entire life since I could bleed but the 1 time my cycle decided to be regular, I ended up pregnant (I’m 36w4d.) Just to give you a little hope. :blush:

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Mine have been irregular, like very. I went a year and a half without one. My ob said its normal to have irregular cycles. But, i had to be put on fertility pills to get pregnant with my first…after 5 years of trying.

Discuss it with your doctor and follow his/ her instructions.

My periods are the same way i got diagnosed with PCOS. When my period only lasted a few day’s i took a pregnancy test it was negative then i waited until i missed a period and sure enough i was pregnant with my first son… Now i am pregnant with my second due next month

I also have irregular cycles always have except when I was on birth control. If you want to start trying for a baby I would talk to your OB maybe he/she can give you some advice to try and get pregnant.

I don’t know what to tell you besides maybe talk to a doctor but I can give you hope I was exactly the same way I gone eight months without having a menstrual and ended up pregnant with my daughter. I did happen to lose three babies before her and she was my Miracle my rainbow. Just to give you a little hope it’s very possible.

Have an OB test you for PCOS and check your thyroid. An irregular cycle could definitely complicate your chances of conceiving so it’s good to figure out what’s causing it to know if you need any sort of intervention to get pregnant…

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Get a pregnancy test done.

Sounds like this is a question I would ask a gynecologist and not the general public. Go to a doctor.

Go to doctor it could be anything to nothing none of us are doctors.

Could be Just an irregular period since you have them any ways or could be early pregnancy because that can also do it

I was irregular all the way up until I got pregnant with my first baby. After I had him my cycles were crazy accurate. Like i would start on the 4th of every month no later than 10 AM. That of course made it easier to have my 2nd and third babys. I would talk to an OB about you wanting to try. They can give you helpful advice and help you figure out the best way to track your ovulation.

Maybe you should get on bc or something to help regulate your period

I have pcos. I didn’t realize what was wrong. After a year of trying with our third and after a mc, I was diagnosed and put on metformin. I wasn’t ovulating. Wishing you luck! I would meet with your doc.

I was the same way I’m 24 weeks pregnant. Good luck! Anything is possible.