What can I do for my morning sickness?

Ugh. So over morning sickness. It’s like waking up hungover every morning without the drinking part and having to take care of a toddler and a home and work. I’m only 6 weeks and it’s only been a week and I worry how I am going to get through this.


I was told to take unisom & b6 together. Zofran didn’t work at all.

ive heard emetrol can help. ask your doc

My daughter threw up everyday at 6:30 AM of her first trimester. Once that was over her sickness ended. It was like someone flipped the switch off. Thank God​:slightly_smiling_face::heart:

Good luck. With my first I was sick every day all day since about 3 weeks. Nothing worked. I literally was throwing up as I was pushing. With my second my doctor gave me meds (why he didn’t with my daughter idk cause I lost 35 pounds while I was pregnant with her) I still was nauseated but not as much. I can count on 2 hands how many times I got sick with him.

I didn’t have terrible nausia but when I did I ate preggy pop drops… They have b6 in them which helps nausia and unisom as a sleep aid at night

Dude LEMON DROP CANDY. Idk what it is about those but sucking on lemon drop candy helps BIG TIME

Try keeping a snack on your bedside table. Something small and easy on the stomach like granola bars, crackers or applesauce. If you eat before you even get out of bed I’ve heard it helps

I’m sorry I know it’s been over 40 years but with my morning sickness my doctor actually prescribed a medication that I took daily it took care of morning sickness without it I’d probably died they don’t do that anymore there was no harm to the baby or to me it only took care of the morning sickness

Ask your Dr. For Zofran. If that alone doesn’t help ask them about Diclectin. It’s taken every night at bedtime with 8oz of water. It may cause vivid dreams and dry mouth but it worked like magic for me. Once in a while I still had to take the zofran but I could function again and that was lifesaver. Good luck!

I had it so bad with my 2nd child, I wasn’t eating or drinking couldn’t keep anything down then I didn’t have any energy because I couldn’t keep anything down not even water so I was literally in bed 24/7 I couldn’t move I was sleeping. I felt like it was like lifting a ton of bricks jsit to open my eyes it was awful! I only ever went to the toilet for a wee ONCE every day that’s it nothing worked for me I tried absolutely everything I jsit had to feel like that for the whole pregnancy. Never again will I have another one now after that pregnancy it was awful x

I swear by lemon drop candy

Zofran was the only thing that helped me. I swear I was in bed for almost a month straight with my third the morning sickness was soooo bad! My midwife wouldn’t allow me to take Zofran until after the first trimester so that’s why I had to wait it out.

I too had to take Zofran not every day but if I was sick I would have to go in for i.v fluids I couldn’t stop! Took one of those and bam!!!

Ginger chews helped me and ginger ale. I ate only cold food because anything warm or hot made me feel sick

Also look into peppermint treats
Talk to your ob about it
With summer here you don’t want to have to go get fluids all the time
If green is legal in your state try that but talk with doctor first

Your dr can give you something to help

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Dry toast.
Also I found the pregnancy vitamins made it worse for me.

Peppermint or anything minty

For my coworker, she would just smell rubbing alcohol and it silenced her nausea!

I have no advice…I’m just sending love.

Unisom and B6 is what my dr prescribed

Nothing worked for me except getting a prescription for Zofran from my obgyn. Morning sickness is the worst especially when you have other kids to take care of! Good luck mama!:heart:

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I’m with jodi nothing worked until the obgyn gae me Zofran. I was on 8mg of Zofran til the middle of my 2nd trimester. But try ginger tea or for some reason when I didn’t have Zofran oranges were oneof the only things my stomach could handle. Good luck momma you got this!

I had to take unisom every night before bed the entire 9 months

Zofran, your doctor will prescribe it for you if you tell them about the morning sickness.

Omeprazole, promethazine, eat crackers ir3 toast thru out the day to keep something in you, try electolyte water as well all day. I found if I took my meds drank as much as i could and ate all thru out the day atleast little bits it was so much better. Any little snack helps too! They have ginger candies, and candied ginger that helps ease the nausea as well

This might sound crazy but with work and having other kiddos the only thing that worked for me was eating sour patch kids!

Zofran. Also mommy pops from Amazon

Had it really bad at the beginning of my pregnancy. Ended up in er 3-4 times got admitted the last time it was bad enough to mess with my liver and blood pressure Dr finally prescribed zofran n Pepcid n blood pressure medication. We’re 25 weeks with twins my liver is back to normal but still on blood pressure medication. The zofran helped wonders for me. We also tried the pregnancy wristbands n the preggy pops. Helped some not a lot tho.