What can I do for my sons upset tummy?

So my son hasn’t passed gas all day. Had barely a bowel movement. Given gas drops and did a bath. Nothing when should I worry. He is breastfed. He’s so angry right now from being uncomfy.


Gripe water, warm bath, bicycle kicks sometimes worked for my guy.


Bicycle kicks and google I love you baby massage gas relief

I always used a sugar free starlight peppermint dissolved in warm water

You can do stretches with him. Bring his knees to his tummy. Hold it there for a few seconds…
Look it up on YouTube. :slight_smile:

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Warm towel, stretching, gripe water, tummy time

Is he old enough for watered down Gerber pear juice

Massage the feet Reflexology works wonders

Gently rub his tummy and hold his legs/feet up and to his tummy too.

Breastfed babies can go a long time without pooping when all they are consuming in breastmilk. A day isn’t long at all.

Lay him on his back, push his knees to his chest gently, let them back down, repeat a few times slowly. Or try- rectal thermometer with Vaseline- put slowly a little bit then pull it out, repeat. Warning: he may poop… I worked pediatrics for many many yrs… I was known as the poop queen… constipated gassy baby- Gen to the rescue!

Biogaia probiotics…years ago, my 5-week-old exclusively-breastfed daughter didn’t poop for 12 days. The Dr said not to worry, but my baby was in discomfort. About 20 mins after giving her the probiotic, she pooped. Also, I could not eat garlic, chocolate, cabbage, and spicy foods while breastfeeding. It made their lil tummies hurt. I know many breastfeeding moms have to cut out dairy too. Hope this helps!!

Pediatrician has told me a breastfed baby can go days without pooping.