What can I do for my teens acne?

Hello Mamas, my 15-year-old son has terrible acne. I’ve tried many different facial washes for him, but now I think I should take him to a dermatologist? Have any of you dealt with this? What did you do… what seemed to help?


When my daughter was a teen I took her to the dermatologist. They prescribed differen. It cleared it right up. They sell it over the counter now. At target

I would definitely recommend taking him to a dermatologist. Acne needs specific treatment, based on the type of acne and skin type. You really won’t find anything truly successful on the retail market to treat it.

Accutane. Do while he’s still a teenager so he doesn’t get scars. If it’s bad, don’t even try over the counter stuff. Just take him straight to the dermatologist.

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I debated to take to dermatologist but tried Differin . It worked for my daughter. Bought on Amazon

It could very well just be your water try bottled water for a few nights and check for an improvement

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Differin is great and available over the counter at Target. Accutane is by prescription I believe. If it’s cystic acne, they need to see a dermatologist, because that’s not something that can be taken care of by just face washes. Chemical peel facials once a month are know to help treat it.

Differin - over the counter and It really works!

My son used pro active you can purchase it at Wal-Mart it worked amazing and not pricey either.

This stuff works great

Differin you can get it at wal mart they also make a face wash too that goes with it. Or pro active work great too.

Benzoyl peroxide 10%. At Walgreens or target for like $4.

His doctor can get you something for it

Jessica alba botanicals worked for me

Witch hazel!! I promise it works, you can buy face wipes, or liquid in a bottle, I did this for my stepson, it’s amazing

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Take him to the doctor. My daughters doctor gave her an antibiotic a cream and also told us which cleansers to use. She recommends CeraV wash and moisturizer and differen gel along with the prescription stuff. Its has worked wonders on my kiddos face

Irish Spring soap bar. The original!

Be careful with Differin! I had a reaction to it, and it turned my face red and made me extremely sensitive to the sun.

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Diet has a lot to do with your skin.


I took my son’s too a dermatologist, 4 weeks later ,their faces are clear as a bell

I am an adult with acne. Definitely take him to a dermo and do what’s best for his skin but please stop acting like acne is some god awful thing. Unless it’s cystic acne it’s really only societies pressure to be perfect that hurts.

I used pro active when I was a teen back when it first came out and it worked wonders.

My daughter had issues and she discontinued all cleansers and started using ivory soap and cleared up !!

My acne has been horrible since I was in middle school. I went to the dermatologist for my personal acne. I was given a cream that dried out my acne, but it made my skin peel something terrible. (I think it was my skin personally, cause a lot of folks had great things to say about it)

I use curology now. It’s $20 a month, and is delivered via the mail. You fill out a bunch of questions on their site and they create a personal formula based on the answera

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Remember that when trying out a new facial cleanser product it takes at least 30 days to see real results!

La Roche posay effaclar line is what cleared up my skin when I was a teen. I also cut back on dairy and drank mainly water and herbal teas with no sugar.

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Neosporin has helped clear up my daughter.

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I swear by CeraVe everything. It cleared my skin up immediately


My 17 year old has had severe acne for a year…we have tried everything…my Nurse Practitioner friend talked me into trying Spotless by Rodan and Fields after showing me pictures of her daughters before and after. I didn’t wanna spend morr money as we have tried so much but she talked me into it and my son has been using it for 3 weeks and his face already looks soooo good again Luke 75 percent better already!!

Take them to a skin specialist

I have heard many people praise proactive

I use the Dove bar of soap…I’ve always had really bad acne N that seems to do the trick…but would definitely want an opinion from Dr just in case

Medical grade products do wonders for your skin! They cost a bit more but they are worth it and last longer because you use less.

Carley’s clear and smooth works wonders.

Rub fresh aloe Vera over the skin and let it sit for a bit also Witch Hazel works great too.

My son had problems like that. Took him to a Doctor and was prescribed Terramycin. It got better but it’s not recommended to use antibiotics for long time.

Whatever you decide, make sure his pillowcase is washed frequently as well.


Sorry to be blunt bunt but it’s 2021 not 89 acne meds have come a long way and yes they can address it very easy

Yea tree soap, tea tree oil in shampoo helps clear it up.

Accutane worked miracles for my daughter! Completely healed after about 6 months of prescription meds and been off a year(16) and absolutely no more acne!


Rodan and Fields, Spotless or Unblemish. Works great for my daughter. Pm me for questions?

Take the poor guy to a dermatologist. Get Accutane. It’s rough, but completely worth it

White Dove. He has to wash three times a day. Witch hazel burns! Noxzema burns too.

Vitamin A tablets make a huge difference, I saw a skin specialist as a teen and I was given high dose vit A tablets

Change his diet! You can use every product under the sun but if you don’t change what he puts in his body nothing will change


Irish Sea Moss helped my kids

You can get it on Amazon… It works wonders

First there are different kinds of Acme. There is bacteria. There is hormonal.
So yes take him to a dermatologist. Find out what kind he has and how to best treat it.

Get him curology. It’s like 25 bucks a month and you send photos. You get a dermatologist chat thing. It’s great

It depends on the acne. I went to a dermatologist because I get hormonal and cystic acne. They would be able to find out what kind/ cause/ and treatments specifically for your son. Best of luck !

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Differin over the counter.

My son went to a dermatologist and was prescribed a Clindamycin and benzoyl peroxide cream that has made a big difference in his acne

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My daughter uses curology! They have you take like a mini quiz, for your son, and base his treatment plan off of the answers on the quiz!

Heal the gut, remove mucus producing foods. The skin is trying to detox a deeper issue.


A Gentle cleanser and moisturizer. I like cereve or cetaphil cleanser(the kind for oily skin- for me personally), and curology moisturizer- it’s a gel so it’s better for oily skin(if he’s got oily skin, again, I have oily skin).

Accutane. Its so good. It took my like years to be able to use it because it’s a last resort but deffff get him to a dermatologist to get the process started. Acne is awful to deal with in your teen years. :sob:

Maybe have him change his diet?


Clinique soap is wonderful.

My done used an antibiotic and cream from the gp

My daughter uses pro active

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My son had an acne disorder that required cleaning from the inside out. Our dermatologist put him on Roaccutane for 10 months. It fixed the disorder and 6 years later he has never had any issues since.

Take him to an esthetician.

My daughter had cystic acne…gold dial bar & hydrogen peroxide only thing that worked

Differin Gel. It used to be prescription, but they sell it OTC now, and I’ve had great results. Walmart carries it.

I have suffered with hormonal acne most of my life, the only thing that ever helped was changing my diet. Minimal intake of dairy and eventually cutting it out all together was the only thing that helped.

Curology saved my face!

My daughter’s has it we have tried everything nothing helps maybe take her to the dr

Tumeric and honey face mask. Once a day for a week and then once a week after that. Works wonders and it’s natural.

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My son had cystic acne and it took months to get him in to a dermatologist… He was in so much pain and was on Accutane for a while after we finally got him in there. His poor face has so many scars. I’d go to the dermatologist asap and have it taken care of before it gets worse.


The Body Shop at Home has a tea tree oil that may help.

Apple cider vinegar works great :relaxed:

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As someone who works at a dermatology office, take him ASAP. The faster you get it under control the more mild it will be. If you let it get worse, it will just be more expensive to get it under control and horrible scarring can occur! He’s just at that age! Lots of kids go through the same thing! Good luck!!


Take him to a Dr. Don’t mess with all thes home remedies until after you seed a Dr., see what is really going on with him .

Sudocream :grin:
I put it on my spots and slept with it on, cleared up in a few days x

Dial soap and peroxide

Curolgy works so good and not so expensive

My son had really bad acne, got him to the doctors asap, antibiotics was prescribed, I also washed his back with apple cider vinegar and changed his bedding every 2 days, I would put 1/2 cap full of dettol in the wash to help kill any bacteria, it can take a long time to see any results, good luck

Whatever you do, just know it’s not going to have an immediate effect. I started taking care of my skin about a year ago. It took me 3 plus months to notice any kind of difference. A year later I’m so thankful I started when I did. I think if it’s terrible acne that I would take him to see a dermatologist. It’s amazing what they can prescribe to help with those issues.

Was with water only. I wish I learned this years ago. Water. Shower every night and change pillow case often.

My daughter put witch hazel on a cotton swab and it dried out the acne on her face. And I know it sounds weird, but a friend of mine who is a stripper told me this is what strippers do to get acne off their rear end lol but I took the advice. Within a week her face was clear. And this was 4 years ago. She just got her first pimple 2 weeks ago.

Proactive used to work for me

Drinking plenty if water should help.