What can I do for my teething baby?

What can I do for my 3 month old teething baby? What can I give him to chew on? I don’t have the money for a teething toy right now and he gets so aggravating trying to use his hands and mine


Frozen sweet potato rounds.

A very clean wash/dish rag… get it wet, wring it out, put in a ziplock to freeze for an hour. Take out and let him chew on it wash and reuse or have another one ready for later in the freezer.


Frozen wash cloth
Some frozen waffle or pancake. There is a lot of options. Google can help too.

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I gave my son whole big Pickles from the fridge. He would gum them till the insides were a mash. And because he did not actilually have teeth the skin did not break. I guess he liked the taste. But yeah, I totally understand that most babies might not like this.
A wet cold washcloth is good to bite on too


Freeze free pops can’t chew through it and works


Partially frozen dill pickles. There is a spice used in the pickling process that will numb their gums. All of my kiddos teethed on dill pickles.

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Soak a baby wash cloth in their juice gently wring it out and freeze it. Set out for about 5 mins before giving it to baby and let baby chew on it.


Rub white onion on his gums you can when he’s a bit older cut a big out layer piece off and let him chew on it

Cold damp right, breast milk ice cube

frozen French toast sticks


When my daughter was teething she didn’t like the teething toys, so I put a wet wash cloth in freezer and she would suck on that

There’s hylands teething tablets that are pretty cheap if I remember correctly that are great

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We use frozen cucumber strips or any frozen fruit, even banana. Also dip washcloth in water or breast milk/formula and freeze

My oldest teethed on a piece of leather—it was actually a keychain. Sounds crazy but it’s the only thing she would chew on. She had 2 teeth at 3 1/2 months & a mouth full of teeth at 6 months. Never had any problems with teething once she started chewing on that!

I have wrapped an ice cube in a smooth washcloth for ours to chew on when we didn’t have anything else with us. There’s also teething tablets/gels for like 6-10 bucks at Walmart if you can afford those. It’s tough when they start so young! Maybe you can try putting a pacifier in the fridge for a while for some cooling relief?

Ive seen people filling a pacifier tip with water and freezing it

Ive heard of ppl buying carrots with their wic and freezing them n holding them for their baby’s while they chew. Supposed to work amazing. But ive never done it myself. A clean toothbrush (hold it so they don’t gag themselves) put cold rag in the freezer for a few min… google will have a ton of ideas i bet!

Wet a clean washcloth and put in freezer, once frozen them can chew on it. My son loved it

Frozen green beans from a can. They melt quickly.

We used frozen waffles! Works great!

Take a clean wash rag wet it then put it in the freezer.Let him chew on it.

Dr Talbott teething tablets

No food items for 3 months old, but wash cloth from the freezer or putting their soother in the freezer helps

If your baby uses a soother, fill with water or breast milk and freeze, then give it to baby. Or the washcloth.

Wet a wash cloth and freeze it

Make popsicle with his formula/breast milk

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but water in the paci if you use one and freeze it

Take a clean washcloth tie it in a knot on both sides wet it, freeze it and that will help alot. I always had 2, one for now and 1 for when this is no longer frozen. For pain, alternate Tylenol and Motrin.

Frozen waffles,vanilla extract rub on gums,a wet wash cloth.

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If he takes a pacifier let water fill the nipple and then freeze it

Put crushed ice in a wash cloth. Make sure the little hands don’t get too cold

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Wet a face cloth and then freeze it.

Way back in the olden days we rubbed their gums with whiskey

Did you say aggrivating? He’s doing the teething. You got the easy part. How about grow up?

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A frozen water soaked (clean) sponge to chew on.

Well he is 3 months old so no food items. A frozen wash cloth would be perfect for his little mouth.


Buy a teething ring or go make one.