What can I do for my teething baby?

My 3 month old is teething and is refuse to eat I’ve been having to hand pump. I’d like some advice on breast pumping and what’s the best thing to do for teething? I have bought teething pacifier and orajel but is there anything else I can do?


Turning your breast milk into popsicles. Worked like a charm for me!


If your baby is REALLY in pain, infant Tylenol can give some relief! Teething is hard :confused:

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Also frozen fruit maybe

Wet wash clothes, my son chews on these tiny rubber frogs, vanilla extract, a pacifier filled with water and frozen

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This gave my son instant relief!

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Orajel is 100% fine. Don’t use Dr Google that says otherwise. U can also use teething tablets or the frozen teething rings

Amber teething bracelet until they can take it off…put it on his/her leg under their pants…once they can get it off…switch to the necklace

What I use and it works like a charm


My baby has a mitten thing she bites on it keeps her entertained for a while

Get the mesh rings that you can put ice in. Tylenol is def your friend. Breast milk ice pop is a fantastic idea. Teething is just a rough period.

Put a pacifer in the freezer for awhile and give it to him/him

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I bought these for my granddaughter

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There are some disolvable tablets I used with my oldest. The brand is Humphrey’s

Frozen washcloth when a bit older. I dunno maybe now. But I swore by them

I gave my babies frozen blueberries when they were teething. The cold helps soothe their gums, just make sure you watch your little one so they don’t choke!!

Teething powder is best

Pedialyte popcyles. Clean frozen wash cloth. Favorite blanket rest. Cold/frozen teething toys. Watch they don’t get ear infections. Every time my children cut teeth they got an ear infections. Keep hydrated usually run low grade fever and done want to eat so liquid intake is very important. If you can’t get milk or formula down ask doctor if you can give a little water with little sugar usually (karo) or i pedialyte. Sometimes they don’t like to much pedialyte or sugar water. This time of year you don’t want to make a hospital run if you don’t have. But if they don’t stay hydrated that is where they end up.
You just have a whole month to go Twice now and when they fall out. They are even worse when they can talk at 12-18 after they get their braces tightened. Something to look forward to. Good job mom. Give yourself a round of cheers you are learning next one will be piece of cake. Enjoy this time once they talk they yell at you.

Sounds like more than teething going on to me. Maybe a sore throat or sores in the mouth.

It hurts them to nurse if they have an ear infection(s). That’s the only time my kids wouldn’t nurse.

My grandson 8 months was that same way yesterday. Would not drink or eat. We call doctor because flu/cold has been going around family and bad in Georgia last two weeks. Said try to stay away from milk products case he got cough. Every thing else is from my advice is from two Grandma one with 4 grown kids.other retired special Education teacher mother to 7, Grandma to 8 and ex-foster parents to many. But I would not give her medical advice I am not a doctor she needs to call hers or the nurse for her child. If she thinks more is going on or for clarification on anything we all suggest we are not doctors. She can take our non medical what we have done advise but she should always check will her doctor it is her child something more might be going your right but we don’t ever want to scare a new mom either.

Amber teething necklace. Saved our sanity.

If baby takes a binky, take some breastmilk and a small ice tray and put the binky tip in the breastmilk and freeze it…

Also I may look into taking baby to the dr to make sure it’s not the baby’s ears, ear infections are always hard to tell at that age…

Teething gel, also you can get a ice lollie kit and freeze your breast milk into ice lollies for baby to suck on, worked with both of mine, also I chopped up raw carrot into batons and my son would chew on them.

Orajel creats a waxy coat on their gums making it harder to come in. I would freeze little drops of breast milk and let the baby enjoy those on their gums. Take a wet wash cloth and massage the gums. Alternating Tylenol and Motrin will help as well. Teething is also known to bring them ear pain so alternating medicine will provide relief.

Frozen fruit. And popcycles works for my son also we give him Advil and Tylenol switch them so often. He’s 11 months on 22 and got his 7th tooth to break threw.

Be careful with oragel. My pediatrician advises against it as it can make babies sick.
We used baby Tylenol on bad days. We bought those mesh teething things you put frozen fruit in. It worked great.

You should pump everytime your baby would normally need to eat so you dont loose your supply. Pump about every 3 hours

Don’t do the orajel. It makes the gums harder and therefore makes it harder for teeth to come through. Give her teethers to chew on

Orajel also numbs the back of the throat making it easier for them to choke. Camilia tablets from your local Walmart or pharmacy were our go to.