What can I do for my thin hair?

So… I had COVID really bad last December into March this year. Was hospitalized over it due to almost being unalived… Since then my hair has gotten thinner, falling out and barely grows… I have used biotin but…nothing… Any advice on what to use to maybe help my hair?


I have fine hair , and I used biotin before and it took a good 3 months to kick in, it only really helped to grow hair nothing else really .
I’ve been using sugar bear hair vitamins for a while now and they have helped a lot . Not only for growth but I noticed my hair was healthier. It felt better and stronger . My hair was so fragile before. I also take a collagen powder as well.

Lots of reasons could cause hair loss. Talk to your doctor about a full blood work up (checking vitamin levels as well). I’m anemic and my hair fell out when my iron was low. Biotin helps with regrowth of the hair. Prayers that you can figure it out.

I’ve heard of people using that mane n tail horse shampoo they sell at Walmart. I’ve never tried it but I’m really thinking about it. The girl that suggested it shaved her head to like half an in. And it did grow unnaturally fast, It could be due to other things as well.

The best my hair ever was when I was using prenatal vitamins

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Myself my uncle and my daughter all had this issue we used coconut oil and rice water worked well

Go and geta blood panel. My hair fell out when my tsh went into the 20s. And then ive also had it fall out bad when my vitamin d gets low.

Keratin shampoo helps hair growth x

I used this plus biotin pills. It’s been 13 months since my hair began falling out and now it’s can’t back even thicker.

Prenatal vitamins can help your hair and nails. The covid shed is real though. It will take time but it will stop falling g out and start regrowing

Go see an endocrinologist

Go to a dermatologist. I had the same issue. She prescribed me a prescription shampoo and it worked wonders.

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Vital proteins marine collagen in my coffee. It took a month to start to notice faster growth and now a year later my hair looks a lot different!

I use Rosemary oil at minimum 2x a week & I have hella new growth.