What can I do for night terrors in toddlers?

Our son just turned one on Monday but since about Saturday he’s been getting up a bunch of times at night just whining. Sometimes he’s whining while sleeping but the rest of the time he whines and wakes up. It seems to happen every two hours. Currently 32 weeks pregnant and it’s been a nightmare. When my son wakes up, me moving around wakes my other baby up then by the time I get them both settled and finally go back to sleep my son is waking up again and the process starts all over ): my husband and I are starting to go mildly crazy haha. My son used to be such a good sleeper, he’d wake up once if at all during the night, he does get really bad night terrors sometimes but this doesn’t seem to be his night terror attacks so I’m wondering if something else is going on or if this is some sort of stage? He always sleeps with his binkie and stuffed doggie and sometimes when he can’t reach his doggie he will get upset but even just handing him doggie doesn’t seem to help the last few nights :confused: we try feeding and changing him too but he doesn’t want to eat until around the 3-4 am mark. I feel so bad because I don’t know how to help him ): when he whines and cries we try all our usual things like handing him his doggie or giving him his binkie if he spit it out and that always did the trick before but not anymore ): any advice would be greatly appreciated!