What can I do for nipple pain in breastfeeding?

hi all so i’ve been breastfeeding for a month now with my second boy! the first 3 weeks didn’t hurt at all when he was latching but now everytime he starts latching it hurts it takes few minutes till the pain gets better :woman_facepalming:t2: anyone went through this? i’m guessing it’s just my nipples are sore don’t know​:woman_shrugging:t2: what can help the pain?!!!

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You could have thrush

Thrush if it’s a itching pain

Or if baby is congested at all it can cause a funny painful latch

Hope it get better

I used nipple cream really helped

Don’t give up. I tried and tried and tried so hard with my babies but I just got too exhausted and gave up. Don’t give up.

Have him checked out by an IBCLB, he might have a tongue tie.

Lanolin ointment… What kind of hold do you use? Is your nipple creased when you take him off the breast? Does he have any white patches in his mouth? Are your nipples dry or cracked? Do you have any hot spots or knots in your breast? Could be many things… Best to see a lactation consult and pediatrician.

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I used a nipple guard (sold at Target). Saved my boobs!

I went through this around the same time- it passes!

Yes I did with my second. Air them out and used the lanolin cream. But it was toe curling pain for a bit of time.

Dealing with this with my one month old little girl. Still the easiest time I’ve had breastfeeding with any of my 3 kids so I’ve just been dealing :woman_shrugging:t4: Hoping you find a solution

The best advice I can give is to make sure baby latches on really well every time. Nipples need to toughen up & they will.