What can I do for pink eye?

We found out today that our baby girl has pink eye. Yes, we went to the dr. Got a script for her. They wont have it until tomorrow. Besides keeping them clean what can we do to comfort her?? Sounds dumb. Dr recommends wet qtips to clean. Just looking for comfort.


Maybe a warm washcloth???

Warm washcloths across her eyes

Beware of your own eyes. I was careful and still got it.

If you are breastfeeding you can use some drops of the breast milk since her saliva is already sending messages to your milk ducts they are making antibodies to fight it. Using a few drops when she is feeding can help your child with it. I did this before with my daughter it honestly works.


Walmart sells pink eye meds

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Drop a few drops of breast milk if you are breast feeding or warm clothes. My daughter currently has it as well. It’s been a nightmare

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Warm wash cloth to get all the gunk off.

Warm wet clothes to clean the gunk off the eyes

Cool cloth patted on eye

Warm wash cloth to lay on them but do not reuse the same one.

Warm wash cloth change out frequently damp not wet

Used tea bags. We used my leftover Sleepytime bags. Leave them on her eyes until it starts getting cold, then clean up the crusties

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Wash everything she has touched and slept on since the infection

Used tea bag. Breast milk. Warm cloth.

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Go immediately to a EYE DOCTOR. They treat this on a regular. Please don’t let this impair your baby’s vision. Needs a tomorrow appointment WITH EYE DOCTOR

Keep it dark, if she will wear sunglasses especially outside. It’s extremely sensitive to light. I had to put blankets over the windows and over my head to even be able to function

Take the prescription to a different pharmacy. That’s a common drop or ointment any pharmacy should have.


Use a warm wash cloth and wipe from inner corner of the eye to the side of the eye in one sweeping motion and fold the cloth. Make sure you are using a clean part of the cloth for each swipe to remove the gunk or you’ll just be spreading the infection. Make sure you wash your hands before AND after doing it and applying the drops. Mostly make sure all gunk is cleaned away from the eyes before you put in the drops.


Warm wash cloths and a drop or two of breast milk if you got it.


My son had pink eye at one point. I did a warm wash cloth until we got the meds

Do you nurse? Use a dropper & put a few drops of breast milk in her eyes.


If ur still breastfeeding put a drop of breast milk in each eye


Warm compress you want to almost hot but not uncomfortable to touch, plus helps kill bacteria

Put mits on her hands if poss to keep her from itching her eye

Warm up breast milk, put a few drops of breast milk directly in the eye. & then soak a wash cloth in it & wipe the eye really good.

Breast milk n warm compress

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A warm Green tea bag compress, it helps my kids

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Former optometric tech, so this was my world for 4 years. Warm wash cloth, but either used totally separate areas or a different wash cloth per eye. If your nursing a few drops of bm will go along way, i would pump into a bottle and use the syringe to get a few drops. Change anything they sleep on, crib sheet etc, daily as well as towels. Make sure you wash everything on a hot setting. Realistically at this age it looks way worse than it feels as they don’t know what’s going on. Make sure you follow the meds, eye drops or cream, to the full end. I can’t count how often people would stop giving them to the kids a day after it “went away” then it came back and was worse

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Warm wash cloth… Nothing really takes the irritation totally away… Use the meds & hope it clears up fast

Spread Vaseline on the eyelashes to keep eyes from sticking shut with the crud.

If you know any nursing moms, breast milk will clear it right up!

You can also make camomile tea then use the tea bag (cooled) and apply to eye.

I have to agree with other mommies a few drops of breast milk definitely helped and also get a q tip and clean around the area with breast milk

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Warm wash cloth and lay it on her eye