What can I do for postpartum depression?

How do you deal with postpartum depression when it’s hard for you to talk about it with anyone?


Try writing how feel and in time it help u find someone u can really trust and talk to but make sure u can trust not someone tell everyone else


Me too. Writing to urself helps. I do have the public mental health number to book appts and know when the walk ins are… but… nobody Actually wants to go. I get all paranoid. Like what if i say something and its taken to be Way worse. Like No im not going to harm myself or any of my kids. But no i didnt really get off my couch today. Yes they are all fed, bathed, happy, and healthy but yes i got frustrated and raised my voice. No the laundrys not done but yes we all ahve clean clothes. No the sink isnt empty but yes everyone ate and yes theres clean dishes.
Sometimes you need someone to just… vent to. Someone that understands you’re not always wanting advice cuz sometimes things are just irritating and you need to tell someone and hear that it is Normal to feel how u do or react how u do.
Im on baby #4 and handling my ppd much better this time… i think anyways. I know my symptoms, im figuring out my triggers, trying better coping methods and taking it one day at a time.


If you havent gone though depession then you dont and will never know how its feels Frist persons and family will say “CRAZY” This person is crazy.then they want to see a crazy doctor that puts you on medinces that can help or make you worst.i cry i pray and the doors are close on me.if you were on drama since you were a child ur mom n dad didnt have a that kind of money.or they would tell you , you are just dam spoid.thats not ture.i had everything i wanted.but seeing the drama at home or other places haunts us everyday of ur life.some turn into drinking, drugs drama with ur kids.work husband cheating on you and you are the last to know.so what advise can we get.Once a doctor told me.you are not the frist or last.i said to myself i come in here for help and i get this type of a shited answer like that.I dont think this in cause by family.yes many times due to husband doing make you go the wrong way.but ur children will always take thier fathers side.i know i went though this 2 times.I loss my beautiful daughter 1 year n 3 months.my only daughter i have a son that dont give a shit about me.after all i did for him.

Here iam almost 70 years old and still going through this shit.but i wont give up.GOD HAS HELP ME IN SO MANY WAYS.

I have depressio., anxiety, and bipolar and now im also suffering with ppd. Its hard sometimes… Ive never hurt my kids. I have two. Or myself but i do get stressed out and cry or scream. I just started a new medicine thats supposed to help… I pray! I vent to God. Especially at night after everyone is asleep i thank God for getting me theough another day.