What can I do for postpartum hair loss?

Four months post partum and dealing with hair loss helpppp. I got a bald spot and I cried for 3 hours about it last night.


Im 9 weeks pp Nature spell rosemary oil has been a life saver hardly any hair loss from i started using it

It happens don’t worry . You will be fine

Try red clover like the the plant that grows everywhere !! You can get teas from the store but fresh is going to work for sure just make sure it hasn’t been sprayed with weed killer or weed and feed :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I went threw it !! That will work ps try see moss for an added daily vitamin in a way it has everything your bodies needs between the extra vitamins and red clover you should feel much better and water clean not tap water try to find fresh spring water or clean well water not bottled

The white is good for clearing Mucus and upper respiratory systems it has to be the red

See an Endocrinologist. You might have developed Thyroid Disease.

I had to cut my hair to help it feel better regrowing. It helped it feel far less thin and has been regrowing better. I am not the person to ever cut my hair either, especially short but I loved it and it’s felt great since and grown out some to be stronger and less thin feeling

You get used to it lol there’s hair everywhere. :sweat_smile:

Rosemary water. Just Google it I promise it helps and if you have a rosemary plant even better.

I’ve heard about Castro oil

Don’t panic … it will grow back in time - I promise.

I took 10000 of biotin and 5000 of vitamin d at night (recommended by my dermatologist) and I had significant less loss in just a couple weeks!