What can I do for pregnancy insomnia?

So does any other mamas suffer from pregnancy insomnia I’m 22 weeks along and recently I’ve been having a very hard time falling asleep or staying asleep also I’ve been having a lot of really strange dreams and nightmares has anyone else experienced this and is there anything I can do for it in the mean time I have a doctor appointment on the 20th and I plan on mentioning it to the doctor but I just feel very irritable and cranky because of lack of sleep and the odd part about it is last week I was sleeping 9-12 hours straight this just recently started about 3 days ago.


I’m 26 weeks and Im hardly sleeping and asked my OB yesterday and she said unisom helps, that and Benadryl (same active ingredient).

I suffered with this bad!!! I would wake in full night terrors shaking and screaming.
I started taking a benedryl before bed, like an hour before and it somewhat helped.
I can say it pretty much went away eventually.

I had it bad with both my boys. Nothing made me comfortable except the couch so inevitably id end up on the couch every single night

Wild dreams are normal. I had one last night that I was laying eggs and when they hatched they were sharks and alligators. 🤦 I even had a dream my dad grounded me and didnt allow me to see my husband. :joy: I was in my childhood room and all pregnant. And the sleeping is normal too. I stay up all night because my husband has a hard time breathing in the area we’re in for his job. I fall asleep at about 3ish and sleep until 2pm everyday. 🤦 Which right now isnt bad considering im in a hotel room all day so what can I do. 🤷 But when we get home I’m going to want regular sleep. I knew id sleep a lot, but no one warned me about the dreams. Most of them mean something when you’re pregnant. Having dreams about babies, animals, or birth is you coming into motherhood. But if you end up needing medicine for sleep, your doctor can point you in the right direction or prescribe something safe.

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The nightmares could be dairy!! Thats what i found with myself!

I had pregnancy insomnia with all my pregnancies. Ask your doc about melatonin. It may help you. Nothing workre for me bit there is options out there! Good luck momma

The dreams and night mares are a normal part of it and they can get weird and with your body changing and getting bigger it’s harder to sleep, try a body pillow and maybe some Benadryl.

Oh lord yeah had it with both my boys. Nightmares and not being able to sleep at all then you feel like scrap all the time cuz you’re so tired. Hit me around the 20 week mark with both kids too. If you can take naps during the day that’s what I had to do.

Pregnancy dreams! I have crazzzzy ones! And the sleep thing… I think it’s our bodies getting us ready for the baby, aside from the constant hip pain when trying to sleep.